Friday, January 11, 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Like all "part-time" Bloggers, we take a break from time to time.    Life just hits us in the gut and knocks all our plans to smithereens.   I've been on this never ending cycle of LOSS for the past 5 years and once again, I'm really trying to pick myself up...  brush myself off...stand up straight...and smile.    This too shall pass.

The whole "new year" thing, whether we want it to or not, is a symbol of starting over, starting new, whatever you want to call it.   My Dad, Sue-Babe, Vicki, Ray, Piper-Kitty, Max-Cat, Tom-Tom and now my Mom.  They've all moved on to that beautiful place in the sky... I'm doing my best to pick up the pieces and make this life matter.

So here goes.   Hopefully I'll stick with it. Until, of course, the next gut punch comes.   My chin is up.  I'm standing like a superhero....

Bring it on.....


  1. That is an awful lot of hurt for anyone to bear...hope you will find comfort in the fact that people do care. We all have to go through loss, but it isn't ever easy. Don't be hard on yourself and do what you can to stay busy...I will pray for you.

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