Monday, June 4, 2012

June Embroidery Club

June is busting out all over!

No, these are not from my garden, or my greenhouse.  These are from my embroidery machine!!!
I know it is early to be talking about the June project, but a good garden needs some planning.  And what better way to plan than to take advantage of a sale.  That’s right.  Through the end of May, Pam’s 3D Designs hasall the free standing floral designs on sale for 30% off.  That means only $5 for a single design or $25for a collection that will fill a bouquet.  There is a whole garden to choose from; pick your favorite(s) and plan to join us as we “grow” our embroidering experience.
Club dates at  Amelia's Fabric and YarnShoppe are Tuesday, June 19 at 1:00pm or Thursday, June 21 at 5:30 pm.
 Here is the link to the site for the embroidery designs:
Supplies need for the class:
·        Embroidery machine and unit with cords
·        Design loaded in your machine or on a flash(USB) stick
·        Printouts of your design
·        5 x 7 embroidery hoop
·        3 or 4 hoopings of polymesh or aqua mesh stabilizer
·        Threads for the design
·        Bobbins loaded with threads that match each color in your design
·        Small sharp scissors
·        Fray Check liquid
Also needed to complete the project but not needed forclass:
o  Cloth covered wire gauge 20 (green and white)
o  Optional: Fabric markers to match the petal colors
o  Floral tape
o  Fabric glue (I used FabriTak)

Call Amelia’s to reserve your space and join us as we “cultivate” some new experiences without the need for gardening gloves, knee pads or a sun hat!