Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Seamly Stitching" - Part 2

Seamly Stitching - Part 2 

Welcome to Hand Embroidery 101 - The Embroidery Sampler!!!

Once a month, on the second Tuesday, I will be posting Hand Embroidery Stitches in a 12-part series for my local Quilt Guild.  We're just regular people with the desire to bring the skill into our personal repertoire!  A dozen or so of us decided that we all wanted to learn the basics of Hand Embroidery so I volunteered to "Lead the Pack" so to speak.  :-)  Here comes Part 2 with 3 more stitches.


If you are just starting with this series, Part 1 can be found by following the below link.

1) Blanket Stitch - basic sewing stitch in which widely spaced, interlocking loops are formed, used as a decorative finish for edges.

Here are my Sample Stitches for "Blanket Stitch":

 2) French Knots - (in embroidery) a stitch in which the thread is wound around the needle, which is then passed back through the fabric at almost the same point to form a small dot.

Here are my Sample Stitches for "French Knots":


 3) Lazy Daisy - an embroidery stitch formed by an elongated loop held down at the free end by a small stitch. Often used as a flower petal.

Here are my Sample Stitches for "Lazy Daisy":

Monday, October 7, 2013

What's on YOUR Design Wall?

Bit of a tradition over at Patchwork Times.  Mosey on over and take a peek!

As for my Design Wall - another "Affairs of the Heart" Block is complete.   I really enjoyed this one. Reverse applique comes out VERY cool.

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