Sunday, November 27, 2016

Black Friday Project - Winter Scraps of Time

Usually I'm one of those Black Friday nut jobs that get up at 5:00 am (or never go to bed) to run around at Joann's to take advantage of the amazing deals.   This year - they changed their ad plan so that the UBER deals were on Wednesday instead of Friday.   Well - some of us have to work during the week, to Sew Weekend with the girls instead!

Big Surprise - I started something new.    It's a mini - 12 1/2" finished I think.   Called Scraps of Time.   It was nice to grab a bin of scraps and just play for the weekend.    I needed that.   I have to finish ONE little tiny patchwork block, fix a birdhouse roof and pick\add sashing and border.   Shamefully - it gets a spot on My Projects page because it's not done.   But...   it will happen!   Right?!!?!?

Teeny Tiny Paper Piecing