Sunday, December 18, 2016

Scrappy Log Cabin Blocks

So over a year ago, I think June 2015, the "Hamlin" girls started an exchange of these scrappy log cabin blocks.  It all started with an issue of Quiltmaker Magazine.

We modified the center of the Log Cabin Block to fit the measurements of one that Bonnie Hunter posted in her Addicted to Scraps Column in the July\August 2015 issue.   She had an HST in the middle - we liked the 4-patch idea.  But you can find her Log Cabin Love block on her website under her "Addicted to Scraps" tab.

We made 10 every month and exchanged them for each others blocks, so that it would get SUPER scrappy.   I decided that I had had enough of making them and was ready to put them together.   We had another Sew Weekend at the church and it was the project that I brought to work on!   Big bins of strip scraps, accuquilt cutter with 1 1/2" strip cutting die, 3 totes, 2 machines and a partridge in a pear tree.    I swear, every time I think I'm not going to haul as much into the car - the load gets bigger.

I laid out my blocks and we all oohed and aahed and got the itch to get them all out!

I ended up making 4 more log cabins and switching them around some more.   Right now - I have 16 squares of 4 blocks.   Must MUST get back to this one!!   It's going to be so cozy.   Sort of Lap size to Twin.

Here's some more layouts that some of the other girls picked!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Black Friday Project - Winter Scraps of Time

Usually I'm one of those Black Friday nut jobs that get up at 5:00 am (or never go to bed) to run around at Joann's to take advantage of the amazing deals.   This year - they changed their ad plan so that the UBER deals were on Wednesday instead of Friday.   Well - some of us have to work during the week, to Sew Weekend with the girls instead!

Big Surprise - I started something new.    It's a mini - 12 1/2" finished I think.   Called Scraps of Time.   It was nice to grab a bin of scraps and just play for the weekend.    I needed that.   I have to finish ONE little tiny patchwork block, fix a birdhouse roof and pick\add sashing and border.   Shamefully - it gets a spot on My Projects page because it's not done.   But...   it will happen!   Right?!!?!?

Teeny Tiny Paper Piecing

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Technicolor Galaxy Progress

After a MUCH needed retreat - I've made some progress on Technicolor Galaxy - not much... but some!

They thought it was hilarious that I brought a printer with me....but lo and behold, several people used it!!  I needed to print\cut petals and hexies on water soluble stabilizer.  And I also wanted to get out my colored pencils and color my center!   I wanted to add hot pink\magenta to the wheel, so I needed to figure out how to work it in there.

I had pulled a LAUNDRY basket of scraps and fat quarters of everything I thought might go into this quilt.  

 I played with color almost all weekend.

Using a portable design wall (small one) I started throwing colors down.   I kept looking at the cover for reference of how I wanted to the colors to blend.

Color Wheel!!!  Weeeee...
It felt so good to cut the first pieces and COMMIT to making this quilt.   Lots and lots of starch, careful cutting.   I made my first pass at the center....
First Pass
Then I started throwing down fabrics to move out into the quilt.   I struggled with this!  I couldn't figure out why the colors I kept trying to achieve and color wheels I was googling on my laptop were NOT meshing with what I was visualizing.

Working Outward
After doing this for most of the weekend - there was LOTS of ironing and starching going on me, I DID make progress....kind of...

THEN I finally figured out what was screwing me up!   The cover photo of the quilt was MIRRORED.   The colors were going the wrong way around the wheel!    Made some adjustments and settled with this rendition.

Final?   Maybe?
Then the weekend ended...and I had to pile it all back in the laundry basket.   I was so hoping I would get all the bags filled for all the months at least.    Going to have to unpack it all and spread it out at home.    Once all the pieces parts are in their bags - it will be easy peasy to carry along to sew days!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bionic Gear Bag for Rose

Have I mentioned my dear friend Rosie Posie?   She's a hoot.   I gotta keep it brief though, because she gets very upset about being put "On the Internet without her permission" (giggle).   She's so cute.

Anyway.....MISS Rose... has that perfect puppy dog look along with a whine that will put the most enthusiastic 4 year old to shame.    Sometimes this works for Rose.... Guilt.  HAHAHA.   Trust me, I'm laughing here.    I brought some things to "Show and Tell" at guild over the past 6 months and each time I proudly showed my completed bags: (Retreat Bag posted here and Bionic Gear Bag posted here, and Toiletry bag posted here) I heard this little whimper from the back row....that got kinda screechy....   and while I thought I dodged them, smiled, and forgot about it...she was slowly whittling away at my armor...  

" Wherrrreee'sss Miiinnnnnneeee??? "

I'd smile....  laugh uncomfortably...    "You gotta make one if you want one Rose...."  and she would show the most dramatic look of shock she could muster....followed by a pout.   Now Rose is about 4 foot something, cute as a button, EIGHTY-ONE years old and has a tendency to come along on my Craig's List adventures, wearing her Eeyore pajamas,  pretending to be a pain-in-the-ass granny that can't make up her mind.   Sometimes, the seller will feel that guilty twinge that I thought (foolishly) that I was immune to.... and give us a good price just to get rid of us....

Mental Note #1 - Gotta make Rosie a retreat bag with Halloween fabrics, she would just love that.

Mental Note #2 - Gotta make Rosie a toiletries bag, she would just love that.

Mental Note #3 - Gotta make Rosie a Bionic Gear Bag, maybe with those purplish leftovers I have from another project, she would just love that.

So I would mention these mental notes to other friends, and thus committing in my mind that I'm going to do it....right??   WRONG.

I texted her one weekend when all these mental notes were flying around in my head and made it down on paper.    I was like.....what happened here???   How did she do that????

The text went something like this - "Let's talk bags for a minute missy..   You've asked me for a Toiletry Bag, a Chubby Charmer bad AND a Bionic Gear bag.    Guilt is weighing on me bad here...   can you pick a favorite or something? "

So I'm waiting for her response right.....   I'm waiting to be released from my guilt with something like "Oh my goodness...I was just kidding, you don't have to make me a bag...."   right?    WRONG.

She comes back with "Is the Bionic Bag the one u showed on Tues night?

.................. yes......... (as I'm hanging my guilt ridden head in my hands watching my phone)....

"I would love that one." she says.

Oh man......

So away I go to my stash and get cutting.    I want to get this thing done and OUT of my head!!!

Purplish HST's left over from another project
LITTLE purplish HST's too!

My handy Dandy Notecards for cutting

The inside structure - mirrored

Sized the piece I sewed together for the outside

Pieced together the inside

Viola!    a Purpley Bag for Rosie!
I like how the pieced outside turned out!

Little Dumpling dish in there to match
So I sneak up behind her at the next guild meeting and hand her the bag.    She squeels with delight! Gives me a hug and a kiss and I announce.....   "I love you Rosie...and I am NOW guilt free".

She proceeds to show off her bag as HER show and tell.....giggling the whole way.

While this post is dated Sept 13 - I'm actually writing it in January 2017 and back dating it.   I've been meaning to sit still for a night and post a bunch of different things that I've been doing.   I tell you this only because it is relevant to the story here.    EVERY single time I have seen Rose since.....there is that whimper, then whine, then shock, then pout about something.   Anything, you pick.    And I look at her, point my finger and tell her...  "Oh no you don't!!    I'm immune!!    You go find someone else to pick on!   I've got at least a year before that crap works on me again....".     And she smiles and laughs and crosses her arms and wanders away...      She knows I've got her number now.    bwahahahahahahaha....

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Another Mini Quilt - Anvil Blocks

While up at "Camp Charlotte" last weekend, for the AQS Quilt Week in Syracuse, I played with scraps.   How can I not?   I mean, when you're hanging out with the SCRAP QUEEN of ScrapitudeQuilts... ya GOTTA play with scraps!!  I have another post coming with all my AQS finds and sights's a long one.  :-)

Anywho, I finished my Bionic Gear Bag while I was up there (posted that on Monday), and also made a few more blocks on my Thangles Mini Sampler.   

Mini Thangles Progress
I brought my favorite scrap bins with me to play with and my 18 x 24" design wall.  These Stackable Sterlite bins are my favorite product when it comes to organizers.   They "SNAP" together.   And you can snap as many as you want!  They come with 2 drawers and a top.   But I've stacked these puppies up to 4 before and happily carried them around.   

This particular bin has my 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2" scraps in them.   I've been doing pretty well at keeping up with the scrap bags.   I'm trying really hard to get anything that is left over from a project into the "SCRAP TUB".  The Scrap tub is a huge thing on wheels.   If a sew day with the Gurlz creeps up on me and I'm not prepared to take anything, I can grab the TUB, my iron, a cutting mat and a rotary cutter and work on my scraps. 

Some of the other bins have left over triangles, BONUS TRIANGLES left over from Bonnie Hunter projects that need to be pressed & trimmed, Half Square Triangles (HST's), some 4-patches and a bunch of pre-cut mini charm packs.

My focus was that little ziplock bag full of HST's laying up front there.    That bag WAS stuffed full of them.   One of my quilting friends that passed away several years ago made them.  Sue Reynolds, whom I called Sue-Babe, would have fits of energy that were focused usually on one thing. Sometimes it would be flying geese, sometimes hand embroidery, sometimes 3 1/2 squares.   Whatever it was, she went bonkers making\collecting them.   No idea what she had planned for this little box of HST's but I ended up with them after she passed away.  So it's been in my mind to make a little "Sue-Babe Mini Quilt" with them.  I got them all out and started trying different ways to put them together.   I settled on a little quilt that I saw in one of my Mini Patterns.  I love these little patterns.   They are called "Quilt Squares - Small Quilts" By Lori Smith - you can see the pattern here.  The one I picked was from her first pattern in the series.  I think it's called an Anvil  Block.

Sue-Babe HST's
It turned out so sweet and cute.   I'll add it to my new QUILT ME page that I made on my blog so that I don't lose track of it and remember to quilt it!  You can check out my other pages by clicking the tabs across the top of my blog.

My Projects - is where some of my current UFO's are.  I'm really trying to keep up on this.
Quilt Me - is where the finished Tops, Table Runners and Wall Hangings are that need Quilting
Finished - Finished!  YAY!

Monday, August 1, 2016

A Finish! Bionic Gear Bag

I've been chomping at the bit to make one of these Bionic Gear Bags!  I riled up a few pals to make them too!   I found it because I was looking for a needle book with a grid to make as Goodie Gifts for our Spring Retreat.  I came across this image on Google and trotted off to to buy the pattern for it!

Bionic Needle Organizer Wallet
Well after that, true to "Jan-Form"....I ended up clicking through links and searching some more.  That's when I realized that the Needle book was actually an ACCESSORY to a much COOLER item!

Bionic Gear Bag, Dumpling Dish & Needle Wallet
Bionic Gear Bag
"Tricked Out" Pockets
Several people in the Facebook group asked for details of what I did to "trick out" my pockets.   The pattern designer has a very unique way of writing patterns.   It's very very long (wordy), but she says early on that she wrote it in this manner so that you can feel like you are sitting along beside her making the project with her!    If you are a thorough instruction reader, you'll love it.   If you are the type of quilter that goes right for the bullet points, cutting list and WILL struggle with this pattern. Any way, at the point in building the bag that you can add features to the zipper pockets, she tells you.  And makes some suggestions!   Here's what I did:
  • Added Magnetic Snaps to the bag AND the Dumpling Dish so that I can stand stuff up behind the bowl without the bowl moving.
  • A small pocket for my screwdriver\or thimble.   (Mostly screwdriver - I am the resident "Vintage sewing machine fixing person" at every sewing I always need it to rescue a machine from it's owner
  • Small square Vinyl pockets on THREE of the pockets.   The paper tab that is in there was the thing I used to determine size.   I swear I forget what's in zippered pockets, so a label to fill out is really helpful to me!
  • Couple of different small sections of elastic, spaced for specific tools.  I want to be able to stand up and easily grab certain things while I'm working and have a quick place to put them back
  • Vinyl on 4th zipper pouch.   One side is for Index cards (shopping lists, or "put-it-in-the-BGB-list", etc.  and the other is for business cards.(Grin - MY business cards)

Bionic Gear Bag Closed.
I spent a LOT of time making sure the binding was perfect and it was totally worth it.  I can't tell you how many projects I've done where the last step is to "bind" and it makes the entire project look like crap.  It's one of the most valuable things I've learned from the By Annie Classes I'm taking.


Check out MORE design walls at Patchwork Times or Monday Making or Moving it Forward or Main Crush Monday or even BOMS away Monday!

Here's a few "In Progress" pictures along the way.

Monday, July 25, 2016

ByAnnie - Let's Get Organized!!

Accountability.....  that's what every quilter needs to keep on task.  Right??   Over a year ago, Kim and I impulsively signed up for this 12 month class because we liked a few bags.   HA!   It's been a riot.   My progress is MINIMAL... but there is some... sort of.

The series is one that the designer, Annie Unrein, from thunk up called "Let's get Organized".   There are shops all over the place holding this series.   We are doing the one hosted by Patchwork Garden in Amherst, NY  Amazing shop, Amazing people, SO worth the trip one Monday a month! We commit to buying a pattern and the assembly kit (no fabric, just Soft & Stable and pieces parts)

Month 1: Stash N Dash
NO Progress

Month 2: Nesting Baskets
Not going to make this one - saving the kit to make duplicates of some coming later this year

Month 3: Ditty Bags
I Made One!  And LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
Ditty Bag for Toiletries
Ditty Bag - With PUL on the inside to waterproof it!
Fits ALL my toiletries for Retreats!!
Month 4: Project Bags
NO Progress

Month 5: Needle Case & Pincushion
NO Progress

Future Months
Month 6: Open Wide

Month 7: Thread Dispenser/Sewing Case

Month 8: Just in Case

Month 9: Power Trip
Can't WAIT!  I want to make several of these!!

Month 10: All Aboard Train Case Trio
Ditto here - LOVE this one!

Month 11: Catch All Caddy
I want to make one for my car, and one for sewing weekends.   Really looking forward to this one

Month 12: A Place for Everything
The Holy Grail

Here's some pictures of class samples so far!!
Nesting Baskets
Nesting Baskets
Large & Medium Ditty Bag - Medium Project back (bottom)
Small Ditty Bag
Handle on Ditty Bag
Project Bags
Needle case & Pincushion
Needle Case & Pin Cushion
Check out MORE design walls at Patchwork Times or Monday Making or Moving it Forward or Main Crush Monday or even BOMS away Monday!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Jewel Box Journey

What a journey this quilt has taken me on. So many little stories come to mind when I look at this quilt.  It's actually called Bloomin Steps by Joan Ford.  But it's also a classic twist on the traditional "Jewel Box" Block.

Here's some of her stories: This was my very first scrap quilt.  The first funny part of this quilt is that I didn't HAVE any scraps when I started it!   I had yardage!   Lots and lots of yardage.   I started cutting for this quilt in the Winter of 2012, when my Vicki was still alive.  Even now, I pause as I write that, because it still startles me from time to time that she is gone.   We were like two peas in a pod and so many of our quilting projects had each other in them somehow...someway.   This one was so us....from the very first cut.

Part 1 posted here
Part 2 posted here

We decided somewhere in the fall of 2012 that we (Vicki and I) wanted to make the same quilt.   Neither of us had ever done a scrap quilt.  Our friend Charlotte Hawkes is the scrap QUEEN of our guild and just kept showing up with scrap quilt after scrap quilt for show and tell.   Each one more beautiful than the next.    Vicki and I were OCD when it came to color....balance.   Some colors didn't belong ANYWHERE together.    When we asked Charlotte how she chose her fabrics, she always came back with...  "Choose??   They are scraps!   There's no color, just VALUE".  We still didn't buy it.  I had a VAST collection of floral fabrics (Never used a single one, just bought them) and Vicki was going through a Bright Batik phase.   So I cut into every floral fabric I had to make my scraps and Vicki picked 4 colors - Hot pink, purple, navy and dark green.    I cut into 30 different white on white's...Vicki cut into ONE White on White.   (Baby Steps!)  Her finished quilt top is actually sitting on my "Quilt Me" page that I recently added to my blog.

Anywho, we both had them neatly piled into towers after we cut what felt like 10,000 squares and had no idea how to begin.  I called Charlotte at 10:00 at night and said "Now what???   I have them all sorted into piles and have at least 20-30 squares in each tower of that particular fabric"....  
"You WHAT?" she asks.
"I said....I have them all sorte..."    I stammered.
"Stop.....    take the box and throw it up in the air".  
Now I'm silent.    "Throw?   Wait....what??"
"Like a tossed salad", she says.  "Mix them all up!"
"Charlotte, I can't do this!"
"Yes you can!   Mix them all up!"
"....I gotta go, I need wine"
We disconnect.  

It was February 2013 at a Valentine's Day weekend retreat that we planned to start this quilt together. Vicki, Sandy H, Lori and I whisked off into a Winter Wonderland and found a cozy corner of the retreat center to hunker down to sew and chit-chat.  As I recall now, I wish I had taken more pictures of our shenanigans that weekend.   But I can still see Vicki and I across from each other, gently lining up our blocks and sewing.    I got really bold with what went together by the end of the weekend.   Vicki still had graph paper and color charts.  (grin)

By July - we were still working on the borders....  (forgot to cut for those....)  And I felt so FREE of color limitations, I wanted to get REALLY bold and piece the back with MORE of the floral fabrics. I cut up several hundred 6" squares and pieced them all together for the back.    I had this crazy notion that I wanted to line up the scrappy back with the blocks so when I woke up one day with the most AMAZING free-motion quilting skills...   the quilting pattern would look amazing on the back too. HA!   Vicki called me inspirational.   Ray, her husband, said I was nuts.    Vicki called a family member and got her gigantic quilt frame that had been loaned out for years picked up and set back up in the family room.   Her thought was that we could hand baste it on the frame to make sure all the squares lined up.   I watched with awe at how she handled that frame and loaded it all up.   She gave my shoulder a squeeze and said "this will be yours one day".   I chortled some quip about slipping immortality pills into her ice cream and never gave it another thought.   Until she so suddenly passed away a few months later in January of 2014.  We sat at that frame a few days a week for a month basting that quilt.   Sometimes we gossiped, sometimes we laughed, sometimes we made fun of Ray and the Dog (neither one of them could hear us) and sometimes we quietly went into our "zone".  We always enjoyed each other's company no matter what we were doing.  We brought a sense of peace to each other whenever we were together.   Nothing in the world could keep us from smiling and laughing. We squeeled like school girls when the quilt was done and came off the frame.   Ray wanted to know what we were going to do with the empty frame....    Vicki draped some quilt tops over the bars and called it a day.

Jan & Vicki Hand-Basting Jewel Box - Fall of 2013
That quilt hung, only hand basted, on a quilt stand in my living room for over a year.  I didn't have amazing free-motion skills to make my inspiring ideas come alive.  But it was basted, by our hands, and that was enough for me.

It was a tough year for me.  But I felt comfort keeping in close touch with Ray.   Helping him sort through all of her things and helping him make some sort of purpose to a life without his bride. I did inherit that quilting frame, but I didn't have much desire to do any quilting. 

Time passed, and a new kind of normal slowly started to form.   I went on a retreat with a large group of besties and found some healing in a pile of Halloween fabric.  Halloween Frenzy was born.  I impulsively decided to make it reversible so that I could use Vicki's frame again.   Then I changed gears and spent the summer\fall focused on the Autumn Victoria Quilt that Vicki started.  I wanted it to hang at her guild's quilt show and wanted Ray and her Mom to see it completed.   3 months later, less than 2 days before the anniversary of Vicki's death....Ray passed away, from what I believe, was a broken heart.  There was a sense of finality when Ray was gone, but also a sense of healing.   He was so very sad to be without her.   He couldn't make sense of his life or what he was supposed to do without her.

I was only finding peace with quilting.   It was the only place my mind could settle down.  And since I got so used to sewing every single day to make that deadline, I didn't know what to do with myself when it went off to Kim to be quilted.   Kim is infectious and is a long arm quilter.    At that point, I never even saw her sit at a sewing machine, I only saw her stand at her long arm.   Idle hands, something something.....I picked up the Jewel box quilt and figured.... I know how to stitch-in-the-ditch, at least SOME progress would happen.

Sew Day with the Hamlin Girls
Kim was VERY excited that I was "Quilting".   Not piecing...but "Quilting".    She convinced me to go out and buy a piece of plexiglass and some dry erase markers and start auditioning quilt designs for the rest of the quilt.    Let me say, that blue tape around the edges is PERFECTLY mitered. :-)  But my mind was completely blank with ideas.   Kim comes over and starts drawing the most beautiful designs.   I'm taking pictures the whole time and discounting everything because "I" can't do it. 
Kim's sketches
Kim dumbing it down to something I can accomplish
Now at this point, she's pretty sick of my "can't do" attitude and demands that I go buy a sketch book and a new pack of colored sharpies.   She calls daily...  "did you buy a sketchbook?  did you buy a sketchbook?"    Finally I buy one and show up on her doorstep with it.   No idea what to do next.

A "Kim Werth" tutorial Page
She draws out a meander with instructions and says.....fill the next 5 pages just like that.

More tutorials
She turns several blank pages and does something fancy.    I try.....and fail.   If I were sewing this design, I would have bird's nests on the back from starting and stopping and oh man.....    This sucks.

How about a feather?
I told her that I had originally envisioned a feather around the open part so she draws out the square - to size... meaning the actual size of the quilt block and whips up this gorgeous feathery thing.   I tried to TRACE what she did, and I had no idea how she did it.   So then I made HER trace it, and I followed behind with a pencil and arrows to figure out how she did it.   I need direction... 

My first attempt
More "I can't do this" from me.    Everything I drew looked like a 4 year old did it.   She tells me to photo-copy the block 30 times and keep trying....

Just keep sketching, just keep sketching....
I must've drawn those feathers 100 times.   They actually started to look pretty good!   So then I got cheeky and started googling "free motion fillers" and filtering by images.    I'd find something and try to draw EXCESS.    I needed a bigger Sketch Book.

I did it - I don't like it, but I filled a page....
McTavishing or something...
What if I draw a grid similar to my border?
Oooh, this is kinda cool..
Those flowers are totally cute
Ooooh, combining designs...
Before I knew it....weeks had gone by and I had done nothing but sketch and doodle 

Hey - I might be getting good at this!
Pat on the back...this is looking cool!
If you can draw it,  you can quilt it!
Wow....wonder if I can actually sew these?
Orange Peel
Then I stumbled on Orange Peel fillers.   I drew myself a tutorial map and started to fill pages with it. I finally had the courage to start SOMETHING, anything, on this quilt.   Kim said "Start with the Orange Peel".    So I did.

I'm doing it!!!
By the time I got around that entire border, an entire 3-day retreat was over.   But MAN was I proud!   I was really shaky in the beginning, but I was content with not being perfect.   I wanted this quilt to map out more of my journey!!

Feather Map
I tried to sketch out the feathers again and they came to me SO much easier.    I had a rhythm in my head that seemed to work so I numbered them and put the sketch right by my machine.   If I blanked out and lost my way, I could look at the sketch to pick up where I left off.    I found that I like to free-motion very FAST.    I need to learn to slow down to make the stitches more even.

First Feather...not bad!!

Oh yeah....I got this!!
The pride of doing this myself is so awesome.
Grids in the middle
The "grid" concept came from one of Kim's sketches, and I liked the idea of it being kinda mashed down.   Looking back on this??    After I did all the Stitch-in-the-ditch, I should have sat and picked out all of the basting stitches.   I kept getting snagged on them and thought it was my lack of experience or losing my rhythm.   It wasn't either, I was catching on basting stitches underneath.

Max Cat
One day - I stopped home for lunch to find Max Cat taking ownership of the "Jan & Vicki" scented quilt.   I got a kick out of it.

Scout - Mister Meow
Then later that evening, I was quilting away and the quilt wouldn't move....I found another stow away!

Mom....take a break
As he crept closer and closer, he finally made his demands.   "Mom....stop quilting and pay attention to me".   I guess I really was focused.   Every day after work I went straight to the machine and often times forgot about dinner and everything else.

Mister Meow Cuddles
After much needed cuddle time, I had my next evening to myself to continue on to the borders.

Marked lines to follow
Literally the SECOND I stitched the last line in the border, I added the binding to the front and took it straight to the washing machine.    I couldn't wait to see it all washed, dried, crinkly.  

Sew Satisfying
It came out of the washing machine, I glue basted the binding back and had it ready to go to guild the next night for show and tell!   I was sooooo excited!!!

Hanging at Patricia's Quilt Show
I didn't get a chance to hand tack the binding before the quilt show deadline, so I let it hang there just glue basted.   I am really really proud to see this completed.

The final piece of this journey....was the binding.   In April of this year, me and 5 besties took a trip to Paducah in a camper.    There was one leg of that trip that 4 of us sat with this quilt sprawled across the camper working on hand basting the binding.   Soooo many friendships and stories with this quilt.  I will FOREVER cherish it.