Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2013...what to do..what to do..

My mind has just been crawling with all kinds of creative goals and "To Do's" for 2013.  But few actual DECISIONS...   So I decided to spend the evening surfing to gather some choices....uh....BAD IDEA

There's so many to choose from!!!

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A RAINBOW Dear Jane....HERE  referencing the tutorials HERE  (Dear God - PUHLEEZE don't let me get "Jane" fever....)

And Don't forget the "Linky Parties"!!!

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Super Awesome Podcasts...
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Ok.....Someone please shut down my internet.....Just for tonight.....(sigh)

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Mystery Quilt Inspiration

Things have been very quiet around here recently - making me really dive into the Mystery Quilt I'm doing.   Never done a mystery quilt before.   I stressed for WEEKS over choosing colors.   I didn't want to copy the colors that Bonnie Hunter chose for her rendition of Easy Street.   So this was a "Breaking Free" experience for me.   Not having any idea what the quilt was going to look like.    I'm a planner.   I plan everything.   Right down to the Binding before I even begin cutting and sewing.

My inspiration was a flower I discovered in the flower beds of Wegmans this past Spring.   I saw them get planted and they immediately drew my eye.    I had never seen anything quite like it.

I became obsessed with it!   I had to stop and see it's growth every time I went to the store!   Finally, my mother got sick of me talking about this flower and decided to call Wegmans Customer Care and ask what the name of the flower was.   We contemplated creeping into the night to snag a sprout - but our moral character thought better.  <grin>

The woman from Customer Care actually went out to the flower beds, with mom's vivid description of the flower and went hunting.   A few hours later - she returned the call.   She had to make a few phone calls, but found out the name of the flower was "Lantana" and was in fact available in a few locations near us!

Off we went - We finally found tiny, baby Lantana's, with just buds on the tips without any blooms.   But the staff at the Garden Factory assured us we were looking at the right flower.    4 plants later - and some gypsum, peat moss, something something steriod fertilizer (I have no idea - my mom is the gardener) - they were planted, fed, watered and loved until they grew into these GORGEOUS bushels of Pink, Yellow and orange flowers.   

And believe it or not - I am still keeping up with the clues that Bonnie Hunter posts for Easy Street - Mystery Monday Link Up   I just love playing with all the pieces!   This is by far NOT the solution to the mystery, as there are a few pieces I didn't use - but boy is it inspiring to move these things around my Design Wall.   OH - It's Design Wall Monday Too!   You can see more projects here -> Patchwork Times

This is so much fun!   I can't wait until the next clue to come out on Friday!   Aren't the colors amazing?

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Where it all started...and where it's going...

It's funny how our Creative Minds evolve....  Think back to your first quilt, or the first time you embroidered on something.   We come so far as we develop our talents and creative minds.  Our tastes change - our "Signature Colors" sometimes change. The types of projects we sew change...our lives change.   If you don't take a deep breath...and accept every moment that something'll miss the whole journey.....

Even our BLOGS change! If you are a blogger - you know exactly what I mean.  Remember your first few posts?   Remember all the aggrivation of setting it up, figuring out all the little widgets and links and stuff that everyone else seemed to already know?  Where to put it, how does this work, how does that do I promote it?  ....Now WHAT in the world do I blog about?? 

Once upon a time I started a blog... I started it because I was working at my dream job.  Surrounded by creative minds, eager to learn, eager to CREATE, eager to share and be proud of their accomplishments.   They came to me with thier quilting problems, computer problems, sewing machine issues.  So many would wander in with worry in their eyes, and the feeling of failure because something wasn't coming out the way they envisioned it.   They read our newsletter every week to see what was going on in our little corner of the world.  They came to our embroidery club to be wowed by the creations we'd find on the internet.  They took our classes to get the support they needed to conquer their fears...

Then - one day, the dream was gone.  It ended as quickly as it started, and I felt lost.  I tried to get it back, some way, some how....but I didn't have the tools, the support, or the startup funds to do it.   I was heartbroken.    The last class I was teaching there was a "Beginning Quilting Class".  I had 7 or 8 students that were scared, and nervous but wanted SO badly to try and make their beautiful quilts and overcome their fears. They wanted so badly to have a legacy to leave behind some day, or bond with other people that would inspire them, instead of bringing them down.   One of my students was even a family member that swore that she would NEVER touch a sewing machine.  I remember how proud I was when she couldn't help but smile when she realized she was actually really good at it.   I have no idea if she ever continued to perfect her talent.  I have no idea how any of those women are doing anymore....

Eventually, as time went on, I got sick of being sad....I picked myself up by my bootstraps....deleted the painful memories off of my blog, and slowly crept back out.  When life gives you a gut punch to the stomach you have two choices....curl up in a ball and wallow in the things you can not control....or stand up.  Put one foot in front of the other, keep breathing in and out, love and cherish the people in your life......and eventually - time will heal, it will get easier, things will change.  You will smile and enjoy the world around you again.   All you can do - is go with the flow.    Sometimes it takes a while.   But if you hang in there, and believe in your heart that time heals all'll be ok... 

I try to stay away from news sites and's so depressing.  Sometimes you can't help it - even Social Media can bring all the sorrows of the world right into your view.  Facebook - that's how I heard the news.   All of the sweet angels that are gone in Conneticut and the teachers that loved them...   Those families, that community, I know it's hard to see now....but it will get easier.  Take time to grieve and accept what has happened....but life CAN go on.  Our to survive...EVERYTHING that life hands us.....and keep on the journey....

More CHANGE is coming in my life.   I thought I knew exactly what I was doing, and where I was going.   No such luck.   But the heartbreaks and hurts that I've experienced in my life have started to make me realize, that something will always change.   When you least expect it. There is more pain and hurt on your journey.   Don't fool yourself into thinking that life is perfect and you've got it all figured out.   You don't.   When it comes...take a deep breath...put one foot in front of the other, and keep on...keeping on.  This too shall pass....

Who knows where the next turn in the road will bring you.....take the plunge...hold your head high and stop looking behind you......always forward.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

App Store Tuesday

Ooooh Baby!   Did you miss "APP STORE TUESDAY"??   Well, I'm now the proud owner of an iPad 3 thanks to my amazing sons.  They pooled their paychecks together this past summer to ensure I had the MOTHER of all Birthdays in July :-) So without further adieu....let's get some "App Store Tuesday" up in here!!

Finally!!!  An app to design quilts for iPad\iPhone!  Woot Woot!

Quilt Wizard - By Patrick Diligent

Electric Quilt for IPad\iPhone it is NOT.....But it's definitely kewl enough to justify the $4.99 price!  

Quilting Wizard is a mobile application which allows you to test fabrics for your quilt project while you are browsing at the shop or at a quilt show. It runs on iPhone, iTouch and iPad.

First select some fabrics for your quilt in the fabrics palette, and select blocks from the block library. Fill the blocks with fabrics. Place the blocks in the quilt grid. Go back to the block design to adjust the fabrics, and see an immediate effect in the quilt view. While you are at the shop, or at a quilt show, you can take pictures with the device camera and use the fabrics picture straight away in the design. You can also select fabrics from pictures in your photo library.

Be sure to visit Wattlebird Designs & Co (Australia) to see the tips, tricks and user guide!  

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Sound of the Machine...

There's something soothing about the steady hum of a sewing machine.   I don't know that I really noticed it before.  When the house is quiet and empty, with only the sound of a small fan off in the distance somewhere, "Emma" (my sewing machine) sings to me softly.   I slow the speed way down so that I can put my foot to the floor...pedal to the metal... but in reality.....stay slow and steady....

So I started thinking...What happens in there when she's humming along?
Soothing isn't it?  Almost hypnotic...  And to think the steady song of our sewing machines...and single, circular, repetitive motions....give us the ability to C R E A T E.....whatever we can dream.  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

My First "Mystery Quilt"..Mom's fault?

Ok - who's with me here....   When I dive into something - I have a tendancy to REALLY dive into it.   My latest endeavor - Bonnie Hunter's "Easy Street" Mystery Quilt

I still say that this is all Sandy's fault over at Quilting...for the rest of us.  But the reality is - my mom thinks SHE started it all.

My mom has become a TEXTING ADDICT.   We gave my mom an old cell phone with a pop out keyboard just so we could get a hold of her when she's off on her excursions to God knows where until God knows when. To my surprise - she went to a dinner party with friends and halfway into a bottle of Merlot - I get this random Text Message from my mom's cell phone.    "Hello??   Is this thing working?"   27 phone calls and text messages later, my mother's friends taught her how to text.....   Now - 6 months later - momma knows the text lingo better than my 17 year-old.   She sends me texts all day every day, 1,000 characters long.   It's hilarious.   She says she feels "hip" and "included" now.   Yay Mom!   Anywho....   She could be ANYWHERE, and if she hears or sees something that she thinks there might be an INKLING of interest on my part....I get a text about it.    So she texts me that "Sherri at Applebee's is doing a mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter.  Do you know Bonnie Hunter?  Are you doing this too?   She says it's a really big deal!   You should look it up on Google!".

I waved it off - "Mom... there are Mystery Quilts all over the web all the time"....and didn't think anything of it.

Then days later, Sandy announces at Sew Day...."Ok - they talked me into it - I'm doing Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt!.   Wait....who?  What?  How did my MOM know something I didn't know?!?  To the Web!

Then I discovered that the quilt that our other friend Kate made at the last retreat was a Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt...   I would recognize "Orca Bay" anywhere once you've seen it....we were awestruck when she tacked the finished top to the wall.  

Ok....I'm in.   I want to play in the sandbox too!!!    I picked completely different colors from Bonnie...  So stay tuned on my progress!   I am proud to say that I am caught up with the rest of them and am anxiously awaiting "PART FOUR" to come out on Friday.  :-)

P.S. I can ALSO proudly say - that I have FINALLY - after an 18 month hiatus....have RE-BONDED with my sewing machine.....I've missed her.  :-)  It feels really good to be "Friends Again". :-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cats in the Sewing Room...

I find it fascinating that my 4-legged children have taken an extreme interest in being in my sewing room 24x7 now that it is down in the finished basement without a DOOR...why is that I wonder?  And what IS it about the places they choose to deem theirs??

This is where I found Max Cat.  He is undoubtedly the FATTEST Orange Tabby you will ever meet. How he managed to squish himself into this bin of FQ's is beyond me.....  Must remember to keep the top on that...

Scout....better known as "Meester Mow", has decided that the best place to be is on the ironing mat but ONLY when the iron is ON...and I'm facing the other direction.    Uhm....guys....the cat hair....the....(sigh)...never mind....

Don't even get me started on little "Miss Precious"....

Seriously!   What IS it about cats and quilts?   I decided to do some surfing...  My favorite landing page...Pinterest of course.    I find myself here more and more when surfing for random thoughts.  :-)   Take a look see.  :-)

Monday, November 12, 2012

November Embroidery Club

Cozy Fleece Shawl with Pockets

This pretty shawl will be like a warm hug as soon as you wrap it around your shoulders.  The embroidered pockets are the perfect place to stash a cell phone, tissues or a sweet or two as you sit in your favorite chair to watch that old romance movie or spend some time with a new book.

Classes will be held at Amelia's Fabric and Yarn Shoppe on 
Tuesday, November 20 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm or Thursday, November 22 from 5:30 to 8:30. 
You must register for the class so call (585-392-1198) today to sign up!

Supplies needed for the class:
•         Embroidery machine and unit with cords
•         Design loaded in your machine or on a flash (USB) stick
•         Printouts of your instructions
•         5 x 7 embroidery hoop
•         2 hoopings of a light or medium tear away stabilizer
•         2 hoopings of a water soluble topping
•         Threads for the design
•         Bobbin loaded with embroidery weight bobbin thread
•         Temporary spray adhesive
•         Pins
•         Water erasable fabric marker
•         Small ruler
•         Two yards of good quality fleece (I used Blizzard fleece from JoAnn’s).  This is enough to make three shawls but you need the length to make the shawl long enough to go around your shoulders.

Please cut the fleece into the following pieces before class:
- One piece cut 18” x 72” for the shawl
- Two pieces cut 7” x 8” for the pockets

The designs I used are from one of my favorite websites (can you guess where?), Embroidery Library.  But you may choose any design you like that will fit in a 5” x 7” hoop.  I have a written “pattern” for you that you will receive at the class for the actual construction of the shawl.  You know, I would not leave you out in the cold!

Here is the link for the design I used:  Embroidery Library

Hope to see you in class at Amelia's Fabric and Yarn Shoppe for some warm and fuzzy stitching.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Post Retreat (sigh)...But Project Complete!

So sad when retreat comes to an end....  Once again - I took WAY too much stuff.   HAHAHAHA! Go figure...  BIG Surprise. 

However... I legitimately only had one project goal in mind and I can proudly say that THAT got accomplished. It took about 3 days to pick the fabrics I wanted to use out of my stash.  But once I pulled EVERYTHING came to me.  That AHA moment, when you have found exactly what you were looking for.  Unfortunately, it took rethinking every planned project pile in my sewing room, and several already in progress piles to find it.   But I wiped 2 UFO's that I was no longer interested in and used a beige mini polka-dot, that's been in my stash since the beginning of time, that I thought I'd never, ever use.

So here's the story.....I bought a purse from Walmart a while back and it has been the BANE of my existance.   It's like the bottomless pit of purses.   It didn't matter which section of the purse I put something was gone.   Poof!   Every day it was hunt for car keys, "where's my lighter??", what the heck happened to that $20 bill??... I would only find things after the third or fourth pass of the abyss and even then, I had to practically dump the entire thing out on the table to even find my keys, my phone, my bank card.  UGH.  In addition to this black hole of a bag, I was carrying an additional book sized tote bag to keep my new-found love - safe and sound.   My iPad.  

I swore to myself that when I finally got out of my "no-sew" rut, the first thing I was going to make was the MOTHER of all purses.   It took me most of the weekend, but I was bound and determined to GET-ER-DONE....

So first - I DUMPED my purse out on the table - and threw it away.  (That felt REALLY good).  Assessed the items that I tend to like carrying with me and then....measured my iPad.  Comfortably 8x10.   This would be the nexus of the bag.

  After a TON of Math - dreaming, thinking, adding pockets and features for the specific things that I like to ULTIMATE PURSE was born.
(can't you just hear the angels singing when you look at this?? - I sure do...)
And all my CRAP....including my precious iPad....fits perfectly in each little designated space.

So here's what I did.   I pulled out my pattern for "The Professional Tote" and went hunting the web for the Designer.    Found her!   Laura Martell at "The Creative Thimble" I browsed to the "Contact Us" page and immediately wrote to her desperately seeking the super secret formula to reduce her pattern with the center zipper pocket as the focus size to fit my iPad.  Cuz everybody wants to right?!?!?!

Laura, bless her heart, got back to me in less than 24 hours.    Now, I'll have you know that she was much more interested in joining us at our retreat house on the lake, but needless to say, she hadn't tried to reduce the size of the tote and tried to think it through with me.  In theory, I thought "reduce everything by 2 1/2 inches".  Voila!  Right?!?!  Yeah - probably not so much..  She quickly identified that pieces #2 and #3 shouldn't be altered one way, and #3 & 10.....yeah.    Good luck and have fun!  HAHAHA!  Send pictures!  Geez - thanks Laura.  <grin>

So then I texted my mathamagician genius friend Dee all in CAPS ....that I had an emergency math problem.   And like the geek that she is, within seconds, called with pen and paper in hand.   (dork.  lol)   So we measured the FINISHED center pocket (because I've already made a full size Professional Tote) and started reducing from there.  Dee helped me determine to get the center pocket to best fit my iPad was to reduce EVERY measurement in the 20%.   So I copied the "tag" pages of the pattern on my printer and started doing the math.    Converted everything to decimals then multiplied by .80.  Found an engineering chart somewhere on line that gave me fraction equivalents in inches, and started changing all the measurements.

WARNING - Measure TWICE......Cut ONCE
I rechecked every calculation THREE times before I started cutting into fabric.   Very smart of me don't you think?   Good think too, cuz I screwed up in 2 places.
Then, and only then, was I ready to pack for retreat.  HA!  I went carefully down the list of required materials and checked them off one by one.   A quick stop at Joann's on my way out of town for 4 yards of black nylon "Strap" and I was off.
Once I got the fabric & interfacing cut out and fused together, I started to get very creative with the inside of the bag.   I love the front pocket with the lined pocket behind the lined zipper pocket, so I decided to make a double one on the inside.  Seperated it with a piece of fabric covered strap and added a kewl key fob.

Then - I added an extra layer of batting between the pieces for that inner zipper pocket to keep my iPad EXTRA safe.  The pleated pocket with the flap was a MUST for my charger & cable, because that's bulky.

Two lined pockets on either side of the inner pocket (instead of the vinyl see-through thingy" and viola!   She is done!  Once loaded back up again, I added an additional magnetic snap to the top because I knew I would never zip the thing shut, even though I ensured that the top zipper was added just in case I did want to shut it up tight.  :-)

Next Project?   The Quilters Wallet to match!  

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Retreat Countdown - 6 days!

I get so excited this time of year!   Not only do I love the fall but as soon as the leaves start turning - I start thinking about Fall Retreat with my quilting Camp Asbury on Silver Lake!

6 more days.....   Actually - 5.  Because THIS time I've planned on being packed a day PRIOR.  Going to work with my car all loaded up - then heading to one of my BFF's houses to taunt and tease her while SHE packs!  There's always texts, and face book posts flying around the day before...all the girls poking at each other   "Are you packed yet?"   "Don't forget your clothes this time Jan!" Guess who's going to be sending all the messages THIS year... 
"I was ready yesterday!  What's your issue?!!?" 
I thought I'd take a few moments to look at some of the thing I've done on a few quilt retreats past.
Last fall - was a quiet retreat for me.   I had been going through some rough roads in life and was rather focused and subdued most of the weekend.  I finished out the weekend with a quilt design that I drafted by hand on graph paper, made some progress on my hand applique blocks and covered up the center of a bag that used to say something else.   Re-purposing of sorts.  :-)  Very satisfying.  This had been on my to-do list for quite some time.
2 years ago - I went WAY overboard with what I brought.  You get so many ideas in your head that with so much uninterupted time, you bring EVERY UFO (unfinished object) with you.  Yeah - I've learned since then...that unpacking AFTER retreat weekend really sucks if you bring too much.  LOL 
I had borrowed my friend Linda's "Viking Designer SE" and brought it along in addition to my own SE. So I had TWO embroidery machines!  ALL of my stabilizers, all of my thread, every notion, just bins and boxes galore.  My truck was FULL to the brim.    Both machines sat side by side humming all weekend long.   So much, that at the end of the weekend, I received the UNDER-achiever award because the girls said that I didn't actually DO anything!  The machines did it all for me!   HA!  If you are machine embroiderer - you know THAT'S not true.  But it was all in good fun. And I got SOOOO much done!  Embroidered shirts for my neices & nephew, Sweatshirt for my mom, a small wall hanging for my mother-in-law, Monogrammed towels for my friends Bill & Kelly, and lots of other embroidered things that were going into other projects.
On another retreat - I spent most of the weekend moving and positioning blocks around to finally complete my "Move Along Challenge Quilt".   This challenge started with a yard of fabric in a bag - passed to one of 12 people.  The person WITH the bag for the month, had to use your focus fabric to create a block (or any combination of blocks) that equaled 12" finished.  Every month they brought the bag back to the guild meeting, showed off their creation, and passed it along to the next person.   After 12 months, you got your blocks back and had to "complete" it.  I went through a "Halloween\Fall" phase for several years where everything was Halloween related. (Sorta still IN that phase...but I digress).. So of course, I had to load my bag with Halloween fabric.   I couldn't wait to get all my blocks back - but BOY it was a bigger challenge than I ever thought it would be!   So many different sizes! 
I was so proud to get them together, but I remember it took me most of that one retreat weekend to decide how to do it!  I ended up with two different finished pieces out of my blocks.  :-)  I put them in a local Quilt Show after that retreat.   No prizes won - but I was happy they were finished.
So as I sit here - trying to gear myself up to pick the "projects" I'm taking to work on for this years retreat.... All I can really think of - is how Grateful & Blessed I am to have the friends that I have.  I love these women - my Quilting friends - truly changed my life and continue to walk the journey with me.  Some of the faces change from year to year - but the hearts....the hearts never do.

Friday, October 12, 2012

October Embroidery Club

Holiday Mug Rugs!

These simply sweet mug rugs are just the perfect size for a cup of cocoa and a cookie or two. Or picture one with a glass of milk and special treat waiting to nourish that man in the red suit as he makes his rounds on Christmas Eve! They stitch up quickly and make great gifts, too.
This is an in the hoop project that works up quickly with very little “fussy” work. After the embroidery and trimming, all that is left to do is to close the turning opening by hand or fuse it closed.
Classes will be held at Amelia’s Fabric and Yarn Shop on Tuesday, October 16 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm or Thursday, October 18 from 5:30 to 8:30. Call today to sign up!

Supplies need for the class: (for one mug rug)
• Embroidery machine and unit with cords
• Design loaded in your machine or on a flash (USB) stick
• Printouts of your instructions
• 5 x 7 embroidery hoop
• 1 hooping of a light or medium tear away stabilizer
• 1 piece of Steam a Seam or Heat and Bond light that measures ½” x 4” (optional)
• Threads for the design
• Bobbin loaded with embroidery weight bobbin thread
• Blue painters tape
• Fabric cutting scissors
• Temporary spray adhesive
• Small sharp scissors for trimming appliqué
• Mini iron and ironing surface (a folded hand towel) – (optional but helpful)
• Two pieces of main fabric cut 6 ½” x 8 ½” for background and backing
• Two pieces of contrasting fabric cut 2” x 8 ½”for the top and bottom strips
• One piece of thin batting (Warm and Natural) cut 3 ½” x 7”
• One scrap of fabric for each appliqué (flour sack, mug, mitten, cookie jar) cut 4” square.

I apologize for the late notice this time, but fear not. All the supplies (fabrics and batting) are available for purchase that day at Amelia’s.

We will have time during club to complete at least one mug rug.

Here is the link for the design I used:
Hope to see you in class at Amelia's Fabric and Yarn Shoppe for some easy fun and stitching.

Monday, September 10, 2012

September Embroidery Club

Easy Zip Cases

I know we have done cases similar to this, but I was so taken with these cases I just couldn’t help myself. The cases are not only done entirely in the hoop, but they are fully lined and there are no raw seams! The hardest decision I had to make was my fabric choice.

Classes will be held at Amelia’s Fabric and Yarn Shop on Tuesday, September 18 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm or Thursday, September 20 from 5:30 to 8:30. Call today to sign up!

Supplies need for the class: (for one 5 x 7 bag)
· Embroidery machine and unit with cords
· Design loaded in your machine or on a flash (USB) stick
· Printouts of your instructions
· 5 x 7 embroidery hoop
· One fat quarter each of 2 fabrics; 1 for the outside and 1 for the lining and bow
· 2 pieces of felt; 1 piece 5” x 8”; 1 piece 7” x 9”
· 1 9” or longer polyester zipper
· 1 hooping of a light or medium tear away stabilizer
· 1 piece of Steam a Seam or Heat and Bond light that measures ½” x 4”
· Thread for the design (I used a single color for the entire project)
· Bobbin loaded with a bobbin weight thread
· Tweezers
· Blue painters tape
· Fabric cutting scissors
· Temporary spray adhesive
· Pins

The picture shows three sizes of the Easy Zip Cases (pictured from left to right – 6 x 9, 5 x 7, and 4x4). We will be doing the 5” x 7” size in class, and if you want you may have time to finish two cases in class. Just remember to double your supplies.

 Here is the link for the design I used:
Please remember to purchase your design direct from the designer PRIOR to class and have loaded on your machine.

Hope to see you in class at Amelia's Fabric and Yarn Shoppe for a jumpstart on making some great gifts for the holiday season!


Monday, August 6, 2012

Design Wall Monday

SO excited that I finally remembered "Design Wall Monday" on MONDAY - instead of Wednesday.  LOL    I must confess - I haven't turned my machine on since my May Quilt Retreat.  BUT - I'm still quilting - it's just been by hand.  Applique, one stitch at a time, one day at a time, has provided the most soothing moments for me this year...

You can view other Design Wall Monday posts here at Patchwork Times !

Monday, July 2, 2012

July Embroidery Club

Christmas is July!

Is it a little early to worry about the Holidays?  Never! Preparing beautiful holiday gifts for your home, friends, or family takes time and planning; and now is the time to plan.
The towel toppers I have found for you this month are the most sensible I have ever made. And, guess what?  They are made entirely in the hoop!  Plus, each towel topper design comes with a matching design for the towel that hangs from topper.  Oh, there are so many designs to choose from!  We will be making the towel topper in club and reviewing embroidering on toweling.
Club dates at  Amelia's Fabric and Yarn Shoppe are Tuesday, July 17 at 1:00pm or Thursday, July 19 at 5:00 pm.
 Here is the link to the site for the embroider designs:
BUT WAIT:  Cassandra has offered to give you a discount on your design if you take the time to send her an email and tell her you will be joining me in Embroidery Club this month!!!!!  Her email is
Supplies need for the class:
·         Embroidery machine and unit with cords
·         Design loaded in your machine or on a flash (USB) stick
·         Printouts of your design and the printed directions
·         5 x 7 embroidery hoop
·         1 hoopings of medium to heavy weight  stabilizer
·         Threads for the design
·         Small sharp scissors
·         Large fabric scissors
·         Tweezers
·         “Blue” tape
·         Temporary spray adhesive (if your design contains appliqué)
·         2 pieces of fabric each 7” x 10”
·         2 pieces of felt 5” x 7”
·         Appliqué fabrics (if your design contains appliqué)
·         2 pieces of ¾” wide ribbon for hanger about 8” long
·         1 piece of light weight webbing or heavy ribbon at least 8” long
Also needed to complete the project but not needed for class:
o   1 hand towel
o   1 hooping of medium weight cut away stabilizer
o   1 hooping of film topping
o   Any additional threads and/or fabrics called for by the design

Call Amelia’s to reserve your space and join us to bring a little “cool” to our summer!

Monday, June 4, 2012

June Embroidery Club

June is busting out all over!

No, these are not from my garden, or my greenhouse.  These are from my embroidery machine!!!
I know it is early to be talking about the June project, but a good garden needs some planning.  And what better way to plan than to take advantage of a sale.  That’s right.  Through the end of May, Pam’s 3D Designs hasall the free standing floral designs on sale for 30% off.  That means only $5 for a single design or $25for a collection that will fill a bouquet.  There is a whole garden to choose from; pick your favorite(s) and plan to join us as we “grow” our embroidering experience.
Club dates at  Amelia's Fabric and YarnShoppe are Tuesday, June 19 at 1:00pm or Thursday, June 21 at 5:30 pm.
 Here is the link to the site for the embroidery designs:
Supplies need for the class:
·        Embroidery machine and unit with cords
·        Design loaded in your machine or on a flash(USB) stick
·        Printouts of your design
·        5 x 7 embroidery hoop
·        3 or 4 hoopings of polymesh or aqua mesh stabilizer
·        Threads for the design
·        Bobbins loaded with threads that match each color in your design
·        Small sharp scissors
·        Fray Check liquid
Also needed to complete the project but not needed forclass:
o  Cloth covered wire gauge 20 (green and white)
o  Optional: Fabric markers to match the petal colors
o  Floral tape
o  Fabric glue (I used FabriTak)

Call Amelia’s to reserve your space and join us as we “cultivate” some new experiences without the need for gardening gloves, knee pads or a sun hat!