Thursday, December 13, 2012

My First "Mystery Quilt"..Mom's fault?

Ok - who's with me here....   When I dive into something - I have a tendancy to REALLY dive into it.   My latest endeavor - Bonnie Hunter's "Easy Street" Mystery Quilt

I still say that this is all Sandy's fault over at Quilting...for the rest of us.  But the reality is - my mom thinks SHE started it all.

My mom has become a TEXTING ADDICT.   We gave my mom an old cell phone with a pop out keyboard just so we could get a hold of her when she's off on her excursions to God knows where until God knows when. To my surprise - she went to a dinner party with friends and halfway into a bottle of Merlot - I get this random Text Message from my mom's cell phone.    "Hello??   Is this thing working?"   27 phone calls and text messages later, my mother's friends taught her how to text.....   Now - 6 months later - momma knows the text lingo better than my 17 year-old.   She sends me texts all day every day, 1,000 characters long.   It's hilarious.   She says she feels "hip" and "included" now.   Yay Mom!   Anywho....   She could be ANYWHERE, and if she hears or sees something that she thinks there might be an INKLING of interest on my part....I get a text about it.    So she texts me that "Sherri at Applebee's is doing a mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter.  Do you know Bonnie Hunter?  Are you doing this too?   She says it's a really big deal!   You should look it up on Google!".

I waved it off - "Mom... there are Mystery Quilts all over the web all the time"....and didn't think anything of it.

Then days later, Sandy announces at Sew Day...."Ok - they talked me into it - I'm doing Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt!.   Wait....who?  What?  How did my MOM know something I didn't know?!?  To the Web!

Then I discovered that the quilt that our other friend Kate made at the last retreat was a Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt...   I would recognize "Orca Bay" anywhere once you've seen it....we were awestruck when she tacked the finished top to the wall.  

Ok....I'm in.   I want to play in the sandbox too!!!    I picked completely different colors from Bonnie...  So stay tuned on my progress!   I am proud to say that I am caught up with the rest of them and am anxiously awaiting "PART FOUR" to come out on Friday.  :-)

P.S. I can ALSO proudly say - that I have FINALLY - after an 18 month hiatus....have RE-BONDED with my sewing machine.....I've missed her.  :-)  It feels really good to be "Friends Again". :-)


  1. Can't wait to see you finished quilt! Good to see your Mom, she looks great as always!!! Miss you guys! Love the texting thing.....

  2. Your cat doesn't seem to be too pleased that you're spending more time with your machine than with her. Kate's Orca Bay was truly gorgeous. I still can't tell if I'm going to like my Easy Street combinations or not. But I guess that's the point--you don't know until it's done!