Monday, July 1, 2013

Design Wall Monday - "Sew and Tell"

Just an update on what I've been working on.  The projects I have in progress are some big ones.   I'm a "Process" Lover after all.  So rather than posting weekly updates, more quarterly instead.  Hop on over to our Facebook page here -> Quilting Revolution on FACEBOOK if you want more updates!

Design Wall Mondays are a tradition over at Patchwork Times.  A great place to peruse during a Monday lunch hour. :-)

Up on my wall is a FIRST for me.   My very first Scrap Quilt.  I had to break out of my comfort zone for this one, and it's been a challenge to say the least.  I'm usually about balance, comformity, symetrical if you will.   Hacking up over 100 different fabrics into itty bitty pieces and trying to NOT pick and choose where every piece goes was tough.  BUT.....once I got moving, with MUCH encouragement from my quilty's really rather freeing!  

The quilt top is done and is a traditional "Jewel Box" pattern in the center.  Scrap Therapy author Joan Ford added a genius floating diamond border with the left over pieces from the half-square triangles and 3 options for an outer border and calls it "Blooming Steps".  I picked the SUPER-SCRAPPY border and am plugging away at putting over 1,000 two-inch squares together.  I absolutely LOVE this quilt.  I chose all my florals to use.  Florals are, after all, palettes of color.  So I this is the first of many "Palette Quilts" that I intend to make :-)


  1. My first scrap quilt was the Jewel Box. Your choice scraps show off nicely against your light background.

    1. Thank you for the compliment Jill! Happy to hear you chose the same pattern for your "first". It truly called to me. :-) I'm definitely NOT sorry. :-)

  2. Your scraps are beautiful. I am a scrappy fan and yours deserves a big CHEER! *pom-poms*