Monday, March 25, 2013

Blame Bonnie Hunter....SHE did it....

Ok - yeah - it's been a while since I hit my blog, I get it.   You can stop checking the obits, I'm still here.  ;-) Have had some life-altering changes in my life since my last post (all good - trust me), so I've been a little pre-occupied - to say the least.  BUT - I do have a few new "Quilty" things to report....

First off - just a little shout out to Bonnie Hunter over at Quiltville......   Grrrrrrrrrrr - THANKS A LOT BONNIE!!!   UGH!!!  I blame her for my new-found fascination for old sewing machines.....

There are a few new occupants to the "Quilting Revolution" Household....

Meet "Gemma"... because she's a GEM!
Definitely NOT a Featherweight by any means.  I haven't done a ton of research on her yet - but I picked her up at a local "Flea Market" type place called Hodge Podge in Rochester, NY.   What a find - I covered her back up immediately and took her home.   I can't wait to make her purr....

Meet "Fairlane" ... because she reminds me of an old car from the 50's :-)

This one I'm guessing was used for just the table.  She's flawless - but had her cord cut.  My honey is going to replace her electric parts and help me get her up and running too.

This one belongs to my boyfriends mother and is just in for a check up.   Poor thing is dry as a bone and the timing is WAY off.  Just need to find a rubber gear to repair the bobbin winder mechanism.   (She's not moving in, just visiting....)

And my most recent finish - Baby Minnie Mouse lap quilt for my beautiful God-Daughter - "Devyn Abby"

That's all she wrote for now!   More later!!


  1. I dig the colors on Fairlane! And the Minnie Mouse quilt is adorable. Nice to have you blogging again!

  2. Old sewing machines? I will keep my eye out for you. Are you collecting them?

  3. good to hear from you. Yes Bonnie has infected this household with old sewing machines. I love my tread for stress relief.