Friday, February 8, 2013

Snowed In!! What to do, what to do...

So here's a shocker....there's snow - coming steadily down - in Western, NY - in February!   What ARE the odds???  Here's our Storm Watch Report...

There will be a wide range in storm total accumulation with areas closest to Lake Ontario, including Rochester, picking up 7 to 12 inches"

Pppffftt...  Walk in the park for us..  So what do we plan for weekends like this?   Stop off at Wegmans on the way home (heck - you're already out in it), grab the essentials - Coffee, Creamer, Splenda. - Cat Food.  Perhaps a few frozen pizzas, couple cans of soup, make sure there's toilet paper...and we are GOOD TO GO!   Since there are no plans for the weekend - I have MUCH progress I intend to make on my current projects!   Need to keep that February List in mind too:

1 - "Bloomin Steps" - This one should be all cut and ready to go on retreat with me next weekend - but I'll double check that I've got everything.
2 - "Jan, Feb, Mar Paper-Pieced Flower of the Month Blocks"   - Yep!  This is the top contender for this weekend - haven't even pulled the fabrics out for them!
3 - "Hand Applique Block - Making good progress on this already - I work on this during my lunch hour at work when I remember to take a lunch.
4 - "Apple-Core" - I've decided to put this goal on hold and remove it from my February Goals.  And since I think that's against the rules - I added TWO to take it's place for this month.  :-)

(Add-on for February) 4.5 (Heh-heh) - I started a NEW project last night that I want to make an enormous amount of progress this weekend on.   Can't even give you a glimpse yet...but it's "so stinkin' cute"  <-- Vicki's famous saying. :-)

(Another Add-On for February) 4.75 - Sewing Room Cross-Stitch Wall Hanging.   I've wanted to do this piece for as long as I can remember, but just haven't been in the mood to do cross-stitch.   I had to dig through the garage last week to find a closet door and the hand rail from the stairs for the Household Projects going on.  Whilst digging through the rafters, I came upon my cross-stitch stand. It looked so sad the way the top hung down to the ground covered in cobwebs.   Guess there was some nostalgia going on there.   So I brought it out of the cold, sat down with it, washed it, gave it a lemon oil rub - pulled out my 3-drawer cabinet with all my cross-stitch supplies, cut the 14-count AIDA cloth, pulled all the DMC colors for the project, rolled the piece up on the scroll frame, and commenced stitching! I've been doing at least three 24" strings a night. (This is my 15-minutes a day challenge).     I'll give a progress report sometime on Sunday on how this is moving along.

So there you have it!  That's what I'll be doing while "SNOWED IN - IN WESTERN, NY!"

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