Thursday, August 4, 2016

Another Mini Quilt - Anvil Blocks

While up at "Camp Charlotte" last weekend, for the AQS Quilt Week in Syracuse, I played with scraps.   How can I not?   I mean, when you're hanging out with the SCRAP QUEEN of ScrapitudeQuilts... ya GOTTA play with scraps!!  I have another post coming with all my AQS finds and sights's a long one.  :-)

Anywho, I finished my Bionic Gear Bag while I was up there (posted that on Monday), and also made a few more blocks on my Thangles Mini Sampler.   

Mini Thangles Progress
I brought my favorite scrap bins with me to play with and my 18 x 24" design wall.  These Stackable Sterlite bins are my favorite product when it comes to organizers.   They "SNAP" together.   And you can snap as many as you want!  They come with 2 drawers and a top.   But I've stacked these puppies up to 4 before and happily carried them around.   

This particular bin has my 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2" scraps in them.   I've been doing pretty well at keeping up with the scrap bags.   I'm trying really hard to get anything that is left over from a project into the "SCRAP TUB".  The Scrap tub is a huge thing on wheels.   If a sew day with the Gurlz creeps up on me and I'm not prepared to take anything, I can grab the TUB, my iron, a cutting mat and a rotary cutter and work on my scraps. 

Some of the other bins have left over triangles, BONUS TRIANGLES left over from Bonnie Hunter projects that need to be pressed & trimmed, Half Square Triangles (HST's), some 4-patches and a bunch of pre-cut mini charm packs.

My focus was that little ziplock bag full of HST's laying up front there.    That bag WAS stuffed full of them.   One of my quilting friends that passed away several years ago made them.  Sue Reynolds, whom I called Sue-Babe, would have fits of energy that were focused usually on one thing. Sometimes it would be flying geese, sometimes hand embroidery, sometimes 3 1/2 squares.   Whatever it was, she went bonkers making\collecting them.   No idea what she had planned for this little box of HST's but I ended up with them after she passed away.  So it's been in my mind to make a little "Sue-Babe Mini Quilt" with them.  I got them all out and started trying different ways to put them together.   I settled on a little quilt that I saw in one of my Mini Patterns.  I love these little patterns.   They are called "Quilt Squares - Small Quilts" By Lori Smith - you can see the pattern here.  The one I picked was from her first pattern in the series.  I think it's called an Anvil  Block.

Sue-Babe HST's
It turned out so sweet and cute.   I'll add it to my new QUILT ME page that I made on my blog so that I don't lose track of it and remember to quilt it!  You can check out my other pages by clicking the tabs across the top of my blog.

My Projects - is where some of my current UFO's are.  I'm really trying to keep up on this.
Quilt Me - is where the finished Tops, Table Runners and Wall Hangings are that need Quilting
Finished - Finished!  YAY!


  1. Great organization! Looks like you had some fun!

  2. Quilt "Sue Babes HST" now. It is so cute.