Friday, May 20, 2016

Hand embroidery - Quilted Memories

I recently traveled to the Paducah Quilt Show with a handful of friends. While I have been steadfast in not starting another project until all of my other projects are done (quit laughing... You know you've said this too), I decided I had to start a few stemming from my Paducah experience/inspiration. 

One of these is a hand embroidery project called "Quilted Memories" by Wellington House Designs.  There was a booth down one of the side streets in Paducah that had tons of completed hand embroidery samples that were just awe-inspiring. The woman manning the booth had her own project going and I spotted it immediately.  

It's supposed to be a "brown-work" project but she was doing it in color!!  One of the blocks has a Singer Treadle Sewing machine!   That was it, had to have it. Ring me up!   

"Sorry, we're out of that one..."  Gasp!  But, but!   She gave me the shop name and number to order one after the show. I couldn't wait - had to start hunting right away. I found the pattern as a digital download on Etsy. Ordered...printed...starting tracing and stitching in the blink of an eye. 

So mindless and relaxing!  I'm using a "split stitch" with two strands of DMC floss.   I can't wait to see these come alive!!