Monday, January 21, 2013

Design Wall Monday - 100 Blocks!

One of the things I really wanted to check off my list this weekend was to get my block entry done for Quiltmaker's 100-Block Contest to try and win a mug!   As I was typing up this post, I surfed on over to Quilt Maker's Blog to do the "Linky Thing" so you could get in on it too.... and I realized that I think I MISSED the submission deadline!  Waaaahhh.    I did win a copy of the Volume 1 Reprint of 100 Blocks so I am VERY excited about that, but I'm pretty sure I missed the chance at a mug.  (sniffle).

BUT - I still enjoyed thumbing through to choose a block to make!   I was on a mission to find a suitable block design that would help me accentuate one of the MANY Calico Prints I have accumulated over the years.   I have SO many of them - but I rarely feel the pull towards projects that take advantage of BIG PRINT Fabrics.  My resolution for 2013 was to "Use my Calico Stash".... and I really wanted to make things with them that really can't be done with any other fabric.  Simply to go along the line of my mindset when I bought it..."Oh...I LOVE this....I have to have some!!"..    Never with a purpose...just for the fabric. (sigh)

So this time - I had to do the opposite.  Choose a pattern that would work with the fabric I wanted to use!  Fun Challenge for myself!

I chose Block #55 from Volume 1 of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks.  It's called Wishing Star by Bonnie Mitchell.

I wanted to know a little about Bonnie so I went hunting...  No website or Blog that I can find for her - but I did find a few free patterns she designed for Clothworks if you are interested!

European Taupe IV
Gone Haunting

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