Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Vending at the Brockport Quilt Show!

What a FABULOUS experience I had vending for the first time at a local Quilt Show.   The Show was in Brockport, NY and called "Ladders to the Sky".  I've done lectures, classes, demo's, talked people's ears off in grocery stores, but never my very own booth at a show!   They were running short on vendors and asked me if I'd be interested in filling a spot for them.   Well why not??

My shop\service is usually people bringing Classic Singer Sewing Machines to me and I give them life again.  I love everything about them.  The look, the workmanship, the nostalgia.   So it didn't take me long to figure out that my "booth" wasn't necessarily going to be to "sell", it was going to be to make people EXPERIENCE what Singer was all about.   I decided to bring 4 machines with me and set them up, threaded, ready to go and make people WANT to try them.  They gave me the sweetest sitting room to set up in!

To the far left, we have "Queenie"....my classy Vintage Singer 201-2 Sewing Machine.   People have been listening to me go on and on about this beauty, the quality, the ROYAL feeling to this amazing machine.   This was my opportunity to really make them understand.    I brought her in a Queen Anne Style Singer Cabinet No 40, and had the foot pedal mounted for the knee bar.   The ooh's and ahh's and GASP'S when people used her was so satisfying!!  

My Suzie Centennial Vintage Singer 99.  Was disappointed that no one tried to use her, but since she was my first restore and is my PRIMARY piecing machine, she had to come with me.

A Vintage Singer 15-91 in the back.  She has the sweetest "ticka-ticka-ticka" sound. A Card table full of reproduction feet and LED bulbs.

And of course a few Featherweights (Singer 221).   Everyone seems to want those!   I also had with me several Vintage Featherweight Card Tables.   Only have 3 left now!

And for nostalgia purpose, a sweet simple treadle.   On top I had a Singer 66 Red Eye that is "in progress" of restoration.   Coming out beautifully I might add.  :-)

One of my besties took it upon herself to make me an official BOOTH Sign the night before.  She decoupaged pieces of Singer Sewing machine manuals to the background.   Just LOVE it!

I would definitely do it again.   I really enjoyed myself!  And I think all my visitors did too!  

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