Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tumblers! ... Cuz Why Not?!?

So I have a friend that is obsessed with Missouri Star Daily Deal, you can get obsessed too!   Just click HERE .....Daily!  

One day - the deal was a mini charm pack (2.5" precuts) with a Mini Tumbler Template.   She bought it....she had no idea why.  LOL   She's a relatively new quilter.  I told her she needed to cut them and sew them together!  It would help her practice perfect quarter inch seams, and lining up units to match points.  Then I impulsively said "I'll do it with you!".  So in true Sabrina form...I was handed the template to "do mine" within a few days..  HAHA.  I picked up a little mini charm pack from "The Quilter's Daughter" quilt shop in Perry, NY.  (not sure why, because I have a kabillion in my stash....)  Anywho, last night....I did my tumblers.

Tumbler Template on 2.5" Squares

Trim, Trim, Trim
And....More trimming...

42 total in a pack, found the layout...
Sewing the seams on my Vintage Singer 99
This little tumbler unit was a good size to take your time and make sure the seams are pressed opposite at every intersection for PERFECT nesting!

Nesting seams and pinning
Absolutely perfect intersections!

Just keep sewing...just keep sewing...
And..... Done! 
All sewed together!!
Now...   What on earth do I do with it? 

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