Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Technicolor Galaxy - SkillBuilder

So I COULD go on and on about my UFO's....    Not feeling it.   Instead...  Let's start something new! I've been eyeing this project for a year and a half.

Online Class purchased and the printer templates are in route.   I'm excited.  The class was the Skillbuilder BOM for 2015 and is now complete and ready to purchase without waiting each month. SCORE!

Technicolor Galaxy - Front View

Technicolor Galaxy - Back View

I gotta tell ya - right off the bat - MONEY WELL SPENT!   Wow is this lady impressive!!!   

I got my super secret Logon to and to be honest?   She doesn't charge enough!   Printable PDF's, lesson by lesson.   Video tutorials.  Full color pattern is 119 pages.   And she makes you ORGANIZE the project before hand.   Love that!   While I can't officially say I've started this...the printer is on fire.   I'm excited!

This video Alyssa recently put on YouTube sealed the deal!!!  A Peek into the Technicolor Galaxy Quilt

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