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FOR SALE - Embroidery Software!

In case you are interested....

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Husqvarna Viking 3D Embroidery Professional Software + PRINTED MANUALS & Anne Campbell Book
Let your creativity take on a life of its own -- one with depth, texture and a realistic view of your creative vision. How you ask? Three-dimensionally, of course, using the ultimate in sewing embroidery software systems from Husqvarna Viking, the new 3D Professional Embroidery System.
“On-Screen Reality, Off-Screen Delight” says it all. It allows you to select from a database filled with 17 thread manufacturer’s collections and over 10,000 thread choices. Plus you can actually see your creation in the hoop or change the size of your creation to fit a particular hoop – all before a single stitch is sewn!
The Husqvarna Viking 3D Professional Embroidery System makes intricate designs simple to embroider. You have total creative freedom when working with all eleven modules including 3D Embroidery Studio, 3D Organizer, 3D Vision, 3D Stitch Editor, 3D Design Splitter, 3D Digitizing, 3D Cross Stitcher, 3D PictureStitch, 3D Fabric Decorator, 3D Sketch and 3D Font Digitizing.
All components of the 3D Professional system are technically advanced, yet extremely user-friendly. You can not only work with your designs in 3D on the screen, but also move designs between modules.
“The 3D Embroidery Software System is the easiest way to embroider professionally,” Soni Grint, Embroidery Software Product Manager for Husqvarna Viking, said. “Not only can you see and work with your designs in 3D, but the ability to move designs between modules gives the sewer complete control over projects.”

3D Embroidery Studio:
Combine and edit an unlimited number of designs and lettering.
Includes 3D Embroidery, 3D Organizer and 3D Vision to help you find, personalize and view your designs with ease.
3D Digitizing:
Turn your favorite pictures into embroideries and view them on the screen exactly as you will sew them.
Work with images from your scanner or digital camera.
Use the built-in Drawing Tools to create your own pictures.
Features QuickStitch and QuickTrace to create embroideries in no time.
3D Cross Stitcher:
Create one-of-a-kind cross stitch designs and lettering on your computer.
Use pictures as templates or let the Cross Stitcher Wizard automatically create a design for you.
3D Stitch Editor:
Create new embroideries from old designs.
Work with whole designs, sections of designs or specific stitches.
Frame your embroidery with a satin border after using PatternMake to alter your design.
3D Organizer:
Find designs and pictures easily.
Print a 3D-design worksheet or catalog.
Convert embroideries between many formats.
Create a personal HTML catalog of your designs.

3D Sketch:
Add Free Motion Embroidery Highlights to your Favorite Pictures. It's like Digitized Fabric Painting. Enhance your treasured photos and clip-art with elegant or light-hearted embroidery textures. After sketchings your favorite details, print and embroider your masterpiece at the click of a button. Your garden, your hobby or your pet - bring them all to life. Amazing thread painting effects at your fingertips. Software is programmed with all kinds of thread types - you can see the effects on the screen before you stitch. You can stipple Quilt Motion stitches around a quilting design with stitch length perfectly regulated in Quilt Motion. Applique with the look of hand stitching becomes so easy too!

3D Fabric Decorator:
Embellish fabrics with wonderful motifs! Create your own uniquely decorated fabric using your favourite embroidery machine stitches, or even create your own stitches! you can do it all with your computer - and it's easy Embellish fabric as a full hooping or in applique shapes. Decorate in heirloom style or have fun with crazy chenille patches! The patterns you can create are unlimited.

Also Includes 7.2 Upgrade:
Create your own endless embroideries! Place your favorite embroideries as many times as possible automatically in your chosen hoop. Choose from four types of alignment stitches for easy re-hooping and a perfect result!
Automatically repeat and reflect your design along a line or a circle with the Encore features - you can work wonders!
Also includes: 72 new shapes in four beautiful new Shapes packs: Flower 1, Home 1, Scallop 1 and Wreath 1. use the shapes with the Encore feature to create amazing effects.

Also Includes ALL Manuals - printed in COLOR and put into 3-ring binders. These manuals are available on the CD's as well. But I printed them out because I like to have a book in front of me to read and learn as opposed to learning on screen. Taking these PDF files to a printer for color print outs would cost you over $1,000. I've done it for you.

Also includes "3D - A New Dimension in Embroidery" By Anne Campbell. Beginner through advanced lessons on Husqvarna Viking's new 3D Studio.

The 3D Professional Embroidery software is the complete package for the sewing and embroidery enthusiast.
“The 3D Embroidery software system is truly cutting edge,” Grint said. “It will benefit everyone who enjoys embroidery, from beginners to advanced sewers.”
Press release from July 23, 2004 - Software works flawlessly with Windows XP SP3. I also had it installed on a Windows 7 laptop. However, Husqvarna Viking Software support will not provide assistance with running this version on Windows 7. I would suggest having a laptop or desktop computer running Windows XP SP3 dedicated to use with your Embroidery Machine.
You do not need to have an embroidery machine hooked up to use this Software. Only the Hardware Dongle - which is included. The Software is registered to me and as far as I know can not be re-registered. However - you only need to have the hardware dongle in your possession to run it. You can install it on as many computers as you like, but it will NOT launch without the hardware dongle attached.

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