Saturday, June 7, 2014

Vintage Singer 201 - Royalty!

Saw a Garage Sale post (purely by accident, I wasn't looking, I swear), that listed tools, table saw, car stand, Sewing Machine... with a picture of an old barn\garage and the stuff hanging out in the yard. I called and asked about the machine. "Yep, still have it, old black one, in a table. The motor threw sparks at me when I plugged it in. But the machine looks good. You can have it for $30." I was already getting in my car while I was still on the phone... My heart skipped a beat when I saw's a 201.   I've been looking for one since this obsession began! 

I love the cabinet!!  Ooooh...drawers...Attachments! Manual! Score!

So shiny!! Bobbin cover - check! Spool pin - Check! Foot pedal -check! (wiping the drool from my chin)

Absolutely Stunning

BEFORE: Ewww... so much grease! Going to try my first rewire on this baby, the cords looked like they were chewed by critters! Might as well clean as I go.

Wow...she's a lot grimier than I thought she was when I started to open her up today..

O....M.....G !! Did NOT expect to find this when I opened up this shiny girl!! YUCK!

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