Monday, December 29, 2014

Embroider This!! Part 1 (Seasonal Sampler)

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So my "Creative ADD" is in full force today.  I come up with so many idea of things I want to do, start them...and then somehow, someway, JUMP to something else.

For example - Once upon a time, I was pulled to Hand Embroidery with a fierce FIERCE tug.   I researched, borrowed books, bookmarked pages, made Pinterest pages and launched a monthly mini-group at my local guild. A dear friend of mine was helping drive this frenzy.  My "Sue-babe" passed away last year, and with her, my desire to continue the series.  When I look at it, I think of her, and it's still painful. Eventually...I'll get back to it....maybe.  

The series was named "Seamly Stitching" and here's the posts:
Hand Embroidery 101 - The Embroidery Sampler 

So what's with the "Embroider This!" Part 1 thing?   It's a project\idea that started long long ago.  I was\am into Machine Embroidery.  I embroidered these blocks at a "Sew Day" at a quilt shop that is no longer in business probably 4-5 years ago.   So many ideas came out of these silly little blocks when Embroidery Library released them.   I HAD to stitch them...

So after I spent hours upon hours stitching these little babies up....then what?   What do I do with them?  There are so few patterns out there to incorporate all the embroidery sets that are available and I wanted to make some! So in true "Jan-Fashion", the next scheduled retreat, I threw the blocks in with all my other stuff hoping that inspiration would HIT when I was there.   It didn't.   I carried the blocks to more retreats, still nothing.   Then one day....BAM!   I need graph paper!

I sat with pencil, graph paper and a LARGE eraser...for days.  My personal life was in complete chaos and for whatever reason...there it was.  Inspiration.   Among 24 other quilters, sewing machines purring.... I ignored all of the projects I brought with me, never turned on my machine and sketched....  pretty sure that was 2 or 3 years ago.   This crumpled thing has been pinned to my corkboard, staring at me.  Reminding me that I spent DAYS Stitching up those blocks, and then DAYS sketching the pattern.

So as I continue to update "My Projects" tab on my blog.  Attempting to TRULY commit to getting a handle on once started projects, I couldn't just take a picture of the pile and post it.   I needed a plan to go with it!  Off to EQ7 we go!  Using a "Custom Set"...the plan is now digital. :-)  

The "Outline Drawing" printout helps me break it up into sections so that I can convert this nagging WIP into a PIB!!  (Project in Bag)

The goal?   Get the instructions for the sections done and start CUTTING!!  

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