Friday, May 1, 2015

Acquisition - Vintage Singer Model 24

Well THIS was unexpected...   was perusing an Estate Sale of a man that was a generational Reverend.   The house was over 100 years old and had the coolest stuff!   In the basement there were two treadle sewing machines.  One was a Model 12 Fiddle Base (which I already have one in my personal collection) and this......

Vintage Singer Model 24 Chain Stitch Sewing Machine
I was so intrigued with this little lady!   A gentle wipe on the dust revealed perfect hand painted decals.   She's so tiny.  I wonder where she came from.   Who was her first owner?  What was she purchased for?    The production of the class 24 machines started in 1897 and continued post 1943. Most of which were industrial machines.   This is the simplest form of sewing machine; it has neither shuttle or bobbin, no tensions to adjust and the machine is ready for stitching when the needle is threaded. It makes the single thread chain stitch.  I haven't tried it yet, but I'm told that it's similar to the stitch across pet food bags.   With the pull thread that releases the whole thing.   

She came in the smallest treadle cabinet I have every seen.

Lots of cool stuff in the drawers

I love the engravings on the needle plate


  1. Love seeing your beautiful machine! I found one 2 months ago and I'm in love. Unfortunately there was no story to go with her. I've cleaned the machine and after a bit of searching online was able to find a threading diagram. I was thrilled to get her stitching. I still need to clean her cabinet and irons when the weather gets a little cooler. Really neat machines!

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