Tuesday, July 19, 2011

App Store Tuesday

I listened to a podcast recently from Quilting...for the rest of us, I forget which episode.  But she had posted a question in several venues for quilter's to answer.  Something along the lines of  "If you were on a desert island, what three quilting\sewing items would you have to have with you?"   It was hoot at how this question evolved since in the end, we had to assume that this tropical island in the middle of nowhere SOMEHOW....had electricity, internet, our sewing machine, and an infinite supply of thread and fabric.   I'm pretty sure that the goal was to find out what has become the most important items to quilters in 2011.   Many were frantic with the idea that there was a possibility that a quilter could be without their laptop, internet and\or iPod for listening to podcasts. (giggle) - we are SO spoiled...

I pondered this question for a while and also decided that if I were without my iPhone.....I'd definitely be looking for the nearest boat OFF the island.   Then I wondered if other quilters had any idea how invaluable their iPod\iPhones really are!?   So I decided to deem Tuesday's - APP STORE TUESDAY

My Favorite App of the week was actually just recently released!   You traveling quilters are going to WANT this sweet little FREEBIE....immediately!!

Quilt Shop Finder  By New Track Media, LLC

Description :
Quilters will love how easy it is to find location and contact information for 2,500+ quilt shops across the United States using this app from Quilters Club of America and the publishers of Fons & Porters Love of Quilting magazine. This app makes it so quick and easy to find quilt shops nearest your current location or to research store locations in advance of your travel to different areas of the country.

Enter any City, State or ZIP code to easily search for quilt shops across the United States. Or let the app automatically show you the quilt shops closest to your current location. See where stores are located using the interactive Map View where you can expand or zoom the map. You can also browse quilt shops in the List View to see detailed address and distance information. Click on any store listing via the Map View or List View and you’ll see the full address and contact information including phone number and website URL where available.

The app also features a simple Feedback Form that allows you to alert us to new store opening or shops that aren’t yet listed with the application. Every time you open the app, you’ll access the most recent and most complete database of quilt shops across the United States.

Note: Before this was released - I was using another one and making it my personal mission to populate all the shops in NY as I came across them.   This is a nice app too - but wasn't "pre-populated" like the one above.  Also...it's $2.99 instead of Free   Quilt Shop Locator


  1. I still can not sign in.... bizarre. I spent the day putting blogs into my reader. Go figure.

    I loved that question and I seen so many responses about that. If there were no electricity you would obviously take a scissors needle and thread.

  2. Sigh. Yet another reason I absolutely have to get my family to give me an iPad for my birthday. :-)