Monday, July 18, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I'm SO excited to have a little something "crafty" to focus on in this crazy thing called life...   My sewing room is BURIED in piles of stuff that desperately need to be purged.   Crafts I don't do anymore, things I collected, things I once thought were so important that now make me feel suffocated under all the disorganization and clutter.  I've been dedicating a little time every weekend to listing things on Ebay.  But it's definitely NOT something I look forward to.

 A few friends and myself have made a commitment to each other to meet up every other Monday to work on a hand applique quilt.  Three of us are working on the same quilt and the other is working on one that she started LONG ago and needed motivation to work on.   I haven't done hand work in years.  But right now, it's EXACTLY what I needed.  Something I can carry with me and work on when the moments arise.  I hope that the motivation to continue to clean out my sewing room and sell things I can't bear to throw out will continue, but it's a long process.   Those close to me understand how deep that goes.

But without further's what on my design wall on "DESIGN WALL MONDAY!"  I found hundreds of other bloggers that have deemed the day and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon! You can visit them here!  Patchwork Times Blog  My sister-in-law also has a blog, and I know that themed days help her greatly when she isn't sure what to write about.


  1. Love the purple and green together!

  2. Yeah... cheer, cheer. You posted it. I think I will do the same on Mondays.