Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How Do I .... in 5D Embroidery Software?

So recently, my son stopped over with 3 bags of t-shirts and a bumper sticker.

"Mom, can you digitize this and put it on all these shirts??"

Normally I would come up with some sort of excuse about how long digitizing takes and work my way out of whatever is asked. Then I got to thinking about it. Once upon a time I paid BIG bucks for 3D Embroidery Software to work with my Husqvarna Viking Designer SE. A few years later, my local Viking dealer had a software upgrade deal I couldn't pass up. So I upgraded to 5D Embroidery Software. I was going to digitize, make embroidery designs, create fonts, turn some of my cross-stitch patterns digital, etc and so on. I can't even tell you how much money I spent back then on this stuff. I don't use it! Well - I'm gonna! Dang nab it!  So I wanted to collect some resources on where to go to get support, motivation, tips and tricks and then hopefully, run with it. Thought I'd share!

First and foremost...the mothership... for Husqvarna Viking

Keep in mind - 5D for Pfaff is the same software - just different Logo's throughout.
My my....they have come a long way with support since those days!!  And they've released a version for MACs too.  Who knew? 
First - let's sign up for the mailing list and see what that's all about - HERE
Next - let's sign up for the yahoo group 5DVikingEmbroiderySoftware Yahoo Group
Can always count on Erica's to have resources for ANYTHING you are looking for
Mr. Patience (aka Tim Frost) has always been a great resource for Viking\Pfaff Software too!
I haven't tried his new online training site - have you?  How about some feedback?!


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