Monday, August 1, 2011

Design Wall Monday..

...well..technically, it's Design "CHAIR" Monday.   My knees are so sore today, I just don't feel like drudging up the stairs to put them on the wall.  <grin>  But if you want to take a peek at other Design Walls, please visit Patchwork Times

I had such good intentions to be caught up on my blocks by today so I could show AMAZING progress. The beauty of this being MY Blog - is I can have good intentions again!   I'm posting BEFORE I start working on Block 2 tonight.  So I'm that much more FABULOUS next week.

I'm continuing to work on my hand applique blocks  - I love the way they are turning out.  I thought I was going to hate this, but by the end of the first block, I'm glad I started it.

I've also made alot of progress on "Operation Downsize"!  I've been bonding with my fabric again, listing stuff I'll never touch on Ebay and unloading lots of goodies on my poor unsuspecting Sister-in-law who home-schools my two fabulous nieces and my nephew! You can read about their fabulous adventures here - Starts At Eight  Last week she happily hauled away 4 totes and a garbage bag full of construction paper, ribbons, craft foam, pom-poms, pipe-cleaners, knitting needles and all kinds of stuff.   From the looks of her recent blog post - it forced her to do some downsizing as well!   It felt really good knowing that they will use EVERYTHING they took away.  I sure wasn't.  WHY on earth was I still storing it all?   I am convinced it was sheer laziness.    Check out some of my progress!

I'm getting there.  And while I'm not accomplishing World Peace - or ending hunger....I am finding small bits of satisfaction that I will conquer this mess and make it a peaceful place again.   Now if my Orthopaedic doctor would just let me have Cortizone shots more often, I'd be a REALLY happy girl.


  1. Awww, Jan you are fabulous whether you have new blocks or not. You have made more progress than me on your blocks, although mine ARE embroidered (do you sense the sarcastic, but loving tone here?). The only reason why i am giving you such a hard time about embroidering your block now is because I want to see how the color plays out.

  2. I don't want to commit to a color! That's why I haven't embroidered it yet! It's so hard to choose!

  3. Wow--fantastic progress! You'll like this week's QFTRU episode. In fact, now I've got your blog as an additional resource, LOL.