Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Books! How I love my Quilting Books!!

I've had several poignant "AHA" moments of inspiration this week...and it's only Wednesday! How Kewl is that?!?   One of them was a interview I heard on "Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski".  

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** and Back to me! **

I heard an interview with Cindy Walter about an amazing new book coming out called Fabric Painting • A Beginner’s Guide • 11 Techniques • From Colorwashes to Painted Quilts.  Mark read through the sections and raved at how perfectly she put this book together.   I LOVE technique books, those are my absolute favorites to buy.  I rarely buy strictly "Project Books" unless I've signed up for a class or something and the instructor lists it on the supply list.    I gotta buy it when it comes out in October 2011...

HOWEVER......I do have to admit, as excited as I can get about a book....I have a tendancy to flip through in the store, LOVE the book to death, buy it, flip through it for 15 minutes or so......and then I think I subconsciously assume that it's contents are going to transmit to my brain from the bookshelf by osmosis..   I have to get better about actually READING my books - cover to cover.   When I first started quilting, I read every single book I bought, from beginning to end, and then sometimes read it twice.   With that being said, several MONTHS ago...I acquired a book that I could NOT live without. Getting excited about yet another book made me remember that need to keep the one I already HAVE in the forefront of my mind!

  In May of this year, my local quilting group had a retreat at  Camp Asbury in Silver Lake, NY  We go at least twice a year.  Once in the Spring, once in the fall.   There are lots of other quilting groups that also use this location for their retreats.   In the Spring, we contacted a newly opened quilt shop in Perry Center, NY called "The Quilter's Daughter".   The shop owner arranged for us to have a THREAD PAINTING teacher come during retreat and teach us a class.     The book she worked from for our workshop was a MUST HAVE for me...    Threads - The basics & beyond (By Debbie Bates & Liz Kettle)

I many of my readers have this book as well?!    Is it also on YOUR "TO-DO" list to go through it!?    It is a detailed technique book\project book.   The authors designed it to go page by page learning the techniques and in the end you have in your possession this 3-ring (or bound) thread scrapbook of sorts with all the things you tried and liked (or didn't like).  I love the idea of having my own reference of mistakes in the end!   So I'm giving myself a goal of spending September & October to carry this book with me, whenever I have the chance.   Osmosis isn't helping me learn the techniques......(Geesh...would have been nice if someone had told me that....) I'm going to do it.   Want to do it with me?

My reward?   Is going to be the book I heard Mark Lipinski raving about!! book - Fabric Painting with Cindy Walter

Now isn't this just a FLAWLESS plan to justify shopping??  :-)


  1. Hello - I just wanted to say thanks for the comments you left on my blog posts over the last few weeks. I replied to some of them, or rather tried to by email without realising that they were going to a no-reply address at blogger!

    The main point though was asking if you were planning on going to the quilt festival in Elma at the end of this month (30 Sept - 2 Oct). My wife and I are aiming to make a trip, probably on the Saturday.

    Oh, and I went to check out Spring Lake Fabrics today... a very good recommendation you made there :)