Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Embroidery Club in Western NY

In case you haven't been following my blog long, I also teach Embroidery Club in Western NY with my Partner-in-crime - Miss Vicki!   Here's this months mailer that went out today.   Email us at to get on the mailing list if you live in the area!

Hello Ladies!   I can't believe the fall season is coming upon us so fast!   Time to start putting away the shorts and tanks tops and replenishing the wardrobe with long-sleeves and pants.   Don't buy new!  Spruce up the old!  Also an opportunity to save on school shopping this year for the students in your life.  Grab a pair of denim jeans and bring them to Embroidery Club!  Let's work some MAGIC!!  PLUS!   We have TWO Classes now!   Call over to Amelia's Fabric & Yarn Shoppe (585-392-1192) and sign up for either the evening OR DAY class!  You MUST reserve your seat PRIOR to class.   Same project is being done in both sessions.   Tues Daytime Class with Miss Vicki is almost full already.   August 23rd 1pm - 4pm.   Our Regularly scheduled Thurs Evening Class with both Vicki & Jan is on August 25th from 5:30pm-8:30pm  There are lots of spaces left!  So if you haven't had an opportunity to sign up because of space limitations - now's your chance!

This month's project is "Embroider your Jeans" - Look at the GORGEOUS sample Miss Vicki made...

 She purchased a "Corner" design from Embroidery Library to complete this project!   You can use existing designs in your library or purchase ANY corner design!   Watch the stitch count-we only meet for 3 hours or so.    And we want to help you close up any seams we rip out of your garment!

·         “Sticky” stabilizer – such as stable stick - if you don't have any - this can also be done with heavy cutaway & 505 Spray!
·         Seam ripper
·         Regular sewing thread to match the thread used on the hem and outside seams of the jeans
·         Designs of your choice (I chose a corner design)  The designs will be more striking if they are NOT stitch intensive. Be sure to use a design that will fit in your hoop! 
·         Embroidery threads for your design - Check your chart.
·         Machine needles
-         embroidery Scissors for clipping threads
·         Embroidery design(s) preloaded on your machine or USB stick
·         Design printouts – This is a must for design placement! - You also want that color chart to follow along if you choose!
·         Pins
·         Embroidery machine including all attachments and cords
·         A pair of jeans that have been washed at least once (Yours, one of your children, grandchildren...whatever!!)

If you have any trouble - or don't understand, or are new to the club and you need a pep talk......EMAIL BACK with your phone number!!  Vicki or Jan will call you and make you feel alllllll better.  :-)

Jan & Vicki
Quilting Revolution Embroidery Club


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