Friday, August 19, 2011

Holy Mola!!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Embroidery Library ??  In case I haven't, let me tell you...I LOVE Embroidery Library.   And they have an AMAZING sale this week for you Machine Embroiderers.  They released over 100 new "Mola" designs yesterday and priced them all at a DOLLAR!   I can't get enough of these beauties.  They are GORGEOUS stitched out.   Here's some of my favorites this week:
I love the MOVEMENT you can feel with Mola designs
And the COLORS - omg, you should see them on BLACK
I literally could just post them love love them!

Embroidery Library is without a doubt one of my favorite embroidery websites.   The quality of their designs just get better and better as the years go on.   And their prices stay so reasonable!   Gone are the days that I will pay HUNDREDS of dollars for a design pack when there are amazing companies like EL out there.

Anywho, I just had to post really quick to tell you about this sale.   It's over on Sunday!  Don't miss out!  You've GOT to take a look!  Mola Sale! $1 a design!

Peruse their site while you are there.   Every week they post new designs - different sales, different themes.  There's a monthly series you can get addicted to, a weekly series, and since January of 2011 they have been posting a "Project of the Week" on their sister site.   Sparks those creative juices to figure out what to DO with all those embroidery designs you own!   Embroidery Library PROJECTS


  1. So, which one are you going to make me for my birthday? :-)

  2. I love the one in the middle of the hibiscus. Hint, hint. They are pretty and now I will have to go and check them out!