Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Update on Projects

Today I spent some more time updating the "My Projects" tab of my Blog.   This is where I have started to catalog all of the WIP's (Works in Progress) UFO's (Unfinished Objects), PIB's (Projects in Bags).   I am determined to get more organized!

Here's a copy of what the tab looks like JUUUUst in case I screw something up and lose it!

Started June 2015 - Scrappy Log Cabins

Dec 2016 - Progress Note here

Started November 2016 - Scraps of Time - Winter

Nov 2016 - progress post here.
- needs birdhouse roof repaired, Sashing and Border

Started September 2016 - Technicolor Galaxy Skillbuilder 2015 BOM -

June 2016 - Progress Note: here
Sept 2016 - Progress post here

Started June 2016 - Thangles Mini Sampler

Progress Note added 7/25/16
June 2016 - Progress post here
August 2016 - Progress post here

Started May 2016 - Quilted Memories Hand Embroidery

Progress Note added May 2016
May 2016 - Progress post here

Started March 2016 - Let's Get Organized ByAnnie Class Series

Progress Note added July 2016
July 2016 - Progress post here

Joined together - April 2015 - Vicki Flower Blocks

Every month at the CCQ quild meeting - Kate picks a block out of "Around the Block" by Judy Hopkins.   People could participate, donate, or not.   We've been doing this for years.

In 2014 - Vicki chose a palette of fabrics for her monthly blocks.   Flowery, peaceful, pretty fabrics.  She completed 8 blocks before she passed away in January 2015.

In her memory - I decided to use the rest of the fabrics in the bag as a retreat project in her memory.   I pre-cut 1,500 squares and tucked stacks of 50 into little memory boxes. Each quilter at the May 2015 retreat received the box along with some gridelined fusible stabilizer.   The group project was appreciated and reminded everyone of her.

I joined her 8 blocks with one of the group blocks in the middle.

Started September 2013 - Halloween Frenzy - Scrap Quilt

Progress note added 2/12/16.

September 2013 - started cutting
February 2015 - progress post here.
February 2016 - Progress post here.

Needs to be Hand Basted, Quilted & Bound

Started December 5, 2014 - "Grand Illusion" - Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

Progress Note added - 12-23-14

Part 1 Post here
Part 2 Post here
Part 3 Post here
Part 4 Post here

Started sometime in 2012? - Judy Neimeyer Seasonal Table Runner

CCQ Quilt Guild decided to have Barb Miller from Mt Pleasant Quilt Company come and teach a small Judy Neimeyer class at the church.

I made a good amount of progress during the course of the class but really only took it to learn the "technique.    I had intended "some day" to finish it up.

Then I found a pattern called Misty Mountain Pond (also by Judy Neimeyer) that used the same units!   Well of course - go big or go home right??

Still haven't gotten back to it.

Started by Vicki Steffenhagen - Seasonal Table Runner - Judy Neimeyer

Vicki took this class with me.   As you can see - neither of us finished it.    Someday...someday...

Started December 2, 2012 - "Easy Street" - Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt

5 ladies in my Guild are doing it too!

Progress Note added - 12-12-12
Part Posted here

Progress 12-17-14  LOL - just realized I never updated this!
  The top is complete, still waiting for an AHA moment that gives me the drive to quilt it.   Last thought was to add hand embroidery - not sure if that will really happen...

Needs to be Quilted & Bound

Started June 2, 2011 - Affairs of the Heart - Designed by Aie Rossman

First Hand Applique Project Ever (Needle-Turn)
3 Friends of mine are doing this quilt too.  We meet twice a month to work on it, but usually end up laughing and eating instead.  (blushing)

Progress Note added - 12-12-12
Progress Note added - 12-17-14 Haven't worked on this in quite some time.   Still on one of the design walls though.

Started sometime in 2010? 2009? - Halloween Sampler - Machine Embroidery

Progress Updates posted 2/11/16
These embroidered blocks have been laying around for about 4-5 years..  Time to do something with them!

Part 1 Post here
Part 2 Post here
Part 3 Post here
Part 4 Post here
Part 5 Post here
Part 6 Post here
Part 7 Post here

Needs to be Quilted & Bound

Canal Country Quilt Guild (12" Challenge) - 2010 (sewing notion focus fabric)

Jan's Sewing Notion Focus Fabric

In 2010 - The Spencerport Quilt Guild did a "Round Robin" type challenge with it's members.

A yard of fabric went into a bag and passed from person to person for 12 months.   Every month, using the "focus fabric" in the bag - you had to make a block (or blocks) that finished at 12".   We showed the blocks at Show N Tell and passed the bag on.   At the end of the year - your bag was returned to you and the challenge was to find the appropriate setting for the blocks and finish the quilt!

January 2017 - I pulled out the bag of blocks for the 100th time and inspiration finally hit.   I put the blocks up on the design wall to remember what I envisioned!

Canal Country Quilt Guild (12" Challenge) - 2010   Sue Babe's Blocks

Sue Babe's Polka Dots & Buttons

"Round Robin" 12" challenge.  These were found in Sue Reynolds things after she passed away in October of 2013.  They were passed on to me to remember her.   Sue Babe, Vicki and I were the 3 amigas.   So many fun stories about the "button man" blocks, buttons and Sunbonnet Sue.

Canal Country Quilt Guild (12" Challenge) - 2010   Vicki's Blocks

Vicki's Crazy Swirl Flowers

"Round Robin" 12" challenge.  These blocks were given to me after Vicki Steffenhagen passed away in January of 2015.

Everyone in our guild stretched the boundaries with the challenge.   Vicki was in complete awe of what these blocks became.  The two of us together had a tendency to push people to try new things.   The blocks people made for her were a testament of how much she was respected as a friend, teacher and inspiration

Started 2009??  - Pine Tree Valley - Machine Embroidered BOM 2008?

Block of the Month Class taught by Vicki S and Jan Mercer at Betty's Quilting Etc in Spencerport

Never got around to finishing the quilt.   Must do something with these blocks!

Started 2010? - Retreat Sweatshirt - Machine Embroidery

A sweatshirt I started to show off some of my favorite Machine Embroidery designs.    Button fabric was from my Sue-Babe's stash to be used as a collar, bottom & Sleeves.   Sweatshirt had all ribbing cut off of it.

Some day need to pick some more designs and get this cool shirt finished.

Started November 2006 - Sally Collins Workshop - Precision Piecing

Most amazing workshop I've ever participated in. Was SO inspired by Sally Collins.   Sadly - the quilt I designed never got off the group.  I do still want to make it some day though!

Everything from class is still in a bin

Started by Vicki Steffenhagen - Birthstone Flowers

Vicki finished 4 out of 12 of the Birthstone flower blocks out of "Quilts With Style" magazine before she passed away.   There a BILLION little pieces in each block - all paper pieced.

This was a project we chose to do together.   She was 4 blocks ahead of my ZERO progress.

Started by Vicki Steffenhagen - Civil War Print Sampler

This was a project that Vicki was working on at various retreats with me.   She got 6 out of 12 parts finished before she passed away.

Started by Vicki Steffenhagen - Tulip Flower Garden Sampler

This was a project Vicki started.   At some point I'd like to spread it all out and see what's left to do.   It's really beautiful.

Started by Vicki Steffenhagen - Sometime in 2010 - Quilters Dozen Plus

Vicki made these class samples back when we worked together at Betty's Quilting Etc in Spencerport, NY.  She was given the option to "purchase them back" from the shop owner when the shop closed.    So she did.

I spent a Sew Weekend sometime in 2015 pin-basting a bunch of them with the intent to quilt them and hang them in my living Room.

I think these need to go on my Top 10 UFO's for 2017!

Started by Vicki Steffenhagen - Bloomin Flowers 2008?

Vicki and I both had a severe passion (addiction) for Machine Embroidery.    We taught classes all over Monroe County. Both "Embroidery Club" and some "Embroidered Block of the Month" classes.

Bloomin Flowers is a BOM class that I taught in 2010 while working at Betty's Quilting Etc in Spencerport.

I finished my quilt and it even won a few Blue ribbons around town!    This is as far as Vicki got with her blocks.

I'd like to sit down with these and come up with something. Machine Embroidery takes a LONG time and hefty investment with thread - we shall see.

Painstakenly HAND Stitched by Vicki Steffenhagen - Baltimore Beauties

About 20 years ago - before Vicki and I became besties - she worked at another quilt shop in Holley called "Apple Country".   There she taught many classes in Hand Applique

These "Baltimore Album" blocks are absolutely exquisite.  I'd like to get these into a wall hanging in her memory.

Inspiration just hasn't come for a setting yet.


  1. Wow! What a wonderful array of projects on the go!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Don't hesitate to come back and ask me for an update! I need the push!!!

  2. I don't even know where to begin? Look at all of these beautiful works of art in various stages! I LOVE that log cabin though! Right up my alley!

  3. Inherited beauties to remember dear friends by--lovely

  4. You have some fabulous UFOs in your list of things to finish. I love your Easy Street. That is the wildest and most outstanding Easy Street I've seen. Also, those scrappy log cabins are my kind of quilt. I do a lot of log cabin variations. I also see that you inherited many projects from close friends after their passing. I too am the recipient of many projects from a close friend that passed suddenly. It would be hard to decide where to start first. Maybe you could number them and then draw a number to work on.